Lake Wobegon Turns Ugly, White Sox Flee Field

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(typical Twins fans: too violent for Ozzie Guillen?)

As reported on CSTB earlier this week, a White Sox fan needed hospitalization after attending a 2-year-old’s Sesame Street themed birthday party. Last night, fans at a Twins-Sox game at the Metrodome were so incensed by what they saw (during their 10-6 win)  that Mgr. Ozzie “Ja ja ja ja ja” Guillen had to pull his second place South Siders from the field. I know Sox fans will claim that Minneapolis “ the hometown of Snoopy and Lake Wobegon “ like Wrigley Field, like Sesame Street, is too violent for the Sox. But really, what is it about the Sox that turns otherwise peaceful folks into such hatas? As Jon Krawcynzki of the AP reports:

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen quickly pulled his players off the field, and the public address announcer warned the announced crowd of 31,493 that the Twins were risking a forfeit if the behavior continued.

œI don™t want anybody to get hurt, Guillen said. œI think the umpires did a good job taking control of the situation. I wasn™t worried about hats, but I saw a couple balls flying on to the field and thought it was a dangerous situation.

The fans settled down after about five minutes, and the Twins had a four-run inning to erase a 4-3 deficit. Joe Mauer tied the game with an RBI single and Kubel followed with his homer off Octavio Dotel for a 7-4 lead.

œThere were some things we don™t want to see. People throwing things on the field, all that kind of stuff, Minnesota™s Justin Morneau said. œIt almost cost us the game. It was good that it stopped, but everyone was on their feet, yelling and cheering. It kind of sparked us.

Jermaine Dye hit a two-run homer off Matt Guerrier in the eighth, but the Twins tacked on three runs in the bottom of the inning.

Morneau hit a three-run homer and Brendan Harris added two doubles for the Twins, who took three of four from the White Sox and trail first-place Chicago by a half-game in the AL Central.

3 responses to “Lake Wobegon Turns Ugly, White Sox Flee Field”

  1. Now come on. Second-place South Siders? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate earlier charitable statements, because you surely display a hedge fund manager’s numerical looseness.

    It was obvious last night the Minnesota fans were merely following the histrionic lead of Twins skipper Burl Ives. I attribute the evening’s bizarre behavior to low in-dome oxygen levels, myself. But the football thrown onto the field by Favre late in the hubbub really sent the message to Minneapolis about what they should be focusing on.

  2. Chip Ramsey says:

    I beleive that would be FIRST PLACE WHITE SOX. Please make a note of it.

  3. ben schwartz says:

    I stand corrected on the numbers — I read accounts of the sox slipping out of the “lead” and got carried away. Let’s not slam all hedge fund managers, that was more tribco tax accounting math.

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