Larry Hughes’ Busy Weekend

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You don’t need to tell me how difficult it is to juggle party promotion with all sorts of lesser distractions. So with that in mind, salutations to Cleveland’s Larry Hughes, a man unwilling to let the playoffs stop him from keeping it unreal (posters swiped from Deuce Of Davenport).

3 responses to “Larry Hughes’ Busy Weekend”

  1. Don says:

    I glanced at this and had a deja vu moment, since I’d seen one of these card designs thrown in the gutter this morning.

  2. ro says:

    is bassy telfair going on saturday?

  3. kg says:

    Promotion companies always do this…
    They put some celebrity’s name and likeness on their cards to get people to come to their parties. I am pretty sure that none of these players are going to these events or know that their names are being used.

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