Lee Hazelwood, RIP

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The word “visionary” is tossed around a little too often, but couldn’t be more apt in the case of the national treasure, Lee Hazelwood, who shuffled off this mortal coil on Saturday, the 4th of August.

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  1. Don says:

    this really hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. Everyone, of course, knew the Nancy and Lee album from 1970s garage sales. but it wasn’t until 1986 that I was world-weary enough at age 18 to listen to Some Velvet Morning and GET Some Velvet Morning. I don’t think any of this records really topped that LP despite considerable excellence for himself and others. What he embodied is the relatively rare Western American without the Hollywood trappings. He was known as an Oklahoman, produced hit records in Arizona. He reminded me of the dichotomy of Las Vegas. It’s in a western mining state with a Spanish name, but it’s filled with East Coast, Chi, Detroit and Los Angeles mafia. I don’t think I was ever really the same after that one late night, when a friend said, “No. Really. You HAVE To listen to this song [Some Velvet Morning] with headphones. Just put on the headphones.” That song is entirely unique.

  2. Wes says:

    Very, very sad. I thought Requiem for an Almost Lady and a Cowboy in Sweden were both better than anything he did with Nancy but to each his own. RIP Lee.

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