Lenny Harris, Daniel Clowes Fan

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From the Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan :

During a batting-cage discussion with Cubs coaches Friday morning, ex-Cub Lenny Harris jokingly referred to Wrigley Field as “Ghost World.”

The idea that the Cubs are haunted in their North Side home may be an old wives’ tale, though booing is certainly a familiar sound at Wrigley these days.The Cubs heard it early and late on Friday in a 7-5 loss to Florida, their 10th loss in their last 15 home games.

They’re now 31-33 at Wrigley Field, despite being on a record attendance pace.

“That happens,” said Nomar Garciaparra, who played third base in place of the injured Aramis Ramirez. “I’ve been on teams that way too. Baseball is hard to explain. Sometimes that happens to good teams.”

And it happens frequently to the Cubs too.

Ben Schwartz, however, refuses to raise the white flag — no matter what Steve Albini thinks.

That a Chicagoan is giving up this early on the Cubs — we’re only 19.5 games out in late August for chrissakes — was disheartening to say the least. I did see the Shellac show the nigh before on August 20th, however, and Weston-Trainer-Albini remain the greatest steroid-free band in rock.

Though today’s 2-1 loss to Florida is no doubt fresh in Ben’s mind, it should be stressed that blind faith in the Cubs isn’t a prerequisite for Chicago residency (supposedly there’s an American League club in town as well, but I’ll have to get the research department on that one). And while not wishing to deny Shellac their place in the Steroid-Free Wing of the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame (boycotted by Little Steven on account of a trio getting in), here’s a vote for Virginia’s Pelt, whose latest untitled compact disc offering has been a unique distraction while trying to spell-check Alex Reimer’s comments.

3 responses to “Lenny Harris, Daniel Clowes Fan”

  1. hstencil says:

    steve’s actually made his dislike of the cubs quite well known over the years. i think lately he’s somewhat of a twins fan, or something.

  2. steve albini says:

    I have not ever, as far as I can recall, given two shits about the Cubs.

    I was a Twins fan for a couple of years, but I do not like the way they are dismantling the approach I liked, outstanding defense and terriffic pitching, in favor of some tree-trunk strikeout artists who sometimes hit homers. Justin Morneau, I’m talking to you. At least they haven’t traded away their pitching yet.

    The only team I took an interest in this year was the Nationals, and that’s because I might buy them someday if I ever get rich and can convince someone to shoot Peter Angelos.

  3. CSTB says:

    fair ’nuff, Steve, we’ll let Ben know. I’m rooting for you in your attempt to purchase the Nationals, if only because said deal might pave the way for my acquisition of the Marlins…and subsequent relocation to Montreal.

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