Lesnar : Crummy Canadian Health Care Nearly Killed Me

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As mentioned in passing last December, former WWE World Champion turned MMA sensation Brock Lesnar was hospitalized with a mystery illness that took the self-described Conservative Republican out of action until this morning’s press conference anouncing a return to Dana White’s UFC promotion this summer.  During a press conference earlier today, Lesnar used the opportunity to blame his condition on an unidentified Canadian hospital, along with insisting, “we don’t need socialistic health care in America.” From the Vancouver Sun’s Chris Parry :

Lesnar had felt unwell for some time when he was struck down in a hunting lodge in a location he refused to disclose, only to state it was three hours from the nearest medical facility.

That unnamed medical centre, which is said to have been in Gimli, Man. (population 5797), wasn’t up to the fighter’s standards.

“I love Canada,” said Lesnar. “Some of the best people and best hunting in the world, but I wasn’t in the right facility.”

“They couldn’t do nothing for me,” he added. “It was like I was in a Third World country, I just looked at my wife and she saved my life and I had to get out of there.”

Lesnar refused to disclose whether the Canadian facility that he felt was inadequate was a major city hospital or a rural outpost, but claimed that the care he received in the United States, and later at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, was far superior and thus was evidence that the U.S. health care system is the best in the world.

Lesnar, who has his own health insurance but also benefits from coverage paid for by the UFC, said “I’m just stating the facts; I love Canada, I own property in Canada but if I had to choose between getting care in Canada or the United States, I’d choose the United States.”

“I hate to bash them but, I’m not one to get into the political side of things but our health care system is a little radical ” we have the best doctors in the world. Our system does need some restructuring but I don’t believe a total reform is the answer.”

10 responses to “Lesnar : Crummy Canadian Health Care Nearly Killed Me”

  1. hot shit college student says:

    not as much fun as motherfucking bud light, but i welcome any commentary brock has these days. i’m definitely watching his next fight somewhere where i won’t have to foot the bill for ppv.

  2. Olentangy says:

    Saying the care he got at a rural outpost is not as good as the freaking Mayo Clinic and then generalizing that Canada’s health care sucks because of that experience is completely idiotic. What a douchebag

  3. Luke N. Atmaguchi says:

    See GUY MADDIN’s 1988 film “Tales From the Gimli Hospital.”

  4. Rog says:

    So, what the hell was wrong with him? He hasn’t disclosed about 90% of the details, and we’re supposed to believe his claims on the Canadian health care system? Is this Curt Schilling’s little brother?

  5. Pete Segall says:

    “…I just looked at my wife and she saved my life and I had to get out of there.”

    Is anybody else really confused (or a bit creeped out) by that sentence? It seems sort of Manos, the Hands of Fate-y, with the serial unmatched edits of logic.

  6. Rog says:

    “…I just looked at my wife and she saved my life and I had to get out of there.”

    Pete, are you implying that there’s a problem with the American public school system? Because I know ours is better than Canada’s!

  7. Pete Segall says:

    I’m not sure, Rog. I’ve been getting care at the not-quite-prestigious OJ Mayo Clinic of Healingalogical Arts and all I know is that Tim Floyd gives a heckuva foot rub.

  8. alan says:

    “Best doctor(s),” the Seinfeldian gift that keeps on giving. Guy sure is a drama queen, ain’t he?

  9. Lol, with a pop of 5700 you will have a facility that will be able to handle minor surgeries, broken bones, strains and stuff like that. ADVANCED medical procedure would be deferred to the closest major medical center. Transportation and treatment would be FREE (to Canadians). Brock Lesnar is quite plainly a douchbag and I for one hope he never comes back.

    We’re not like the U.S, where if you can’t afford treatment and have no health plan, you’re pretty much dead. Or selling EVERYTHING you own to try and stay alive.

    I live in Edmonton Canada, we have 8 hospitals and hundreds of medical clinics through-out the city, I NEVER pay to see a doctor. I once had to have surgery after being hit my a car, I PAID FOR NOTHING.

    Go to hell Brock.. I hope you die. Quite happy that you got beat up in your last fight.. loser.

  10. Oh ya .. and when it comes to school systems.. Watch this vid then talk..


    Enjoy my American friends.

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