Less Annoying Of Chicago’s Hawks Called To The Hall

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Congrats to Andre Dawson on being elected to the Baseball Hall Of Fame in his 9th year on the ballot.  Not only did The Hawk managed to outlive beanball nemesis Eric Show, but the 8-time Gold Glove winner / All-Star was the only player to receive the requisit 75% of all votes cast in 2010, though longitme hopeful Bert Byleven and first-time voter’s option Robbie Alomar came pretty close.  Slightly more amazing than Mark McGwire still being mired in the 24% range (a result that differed little from his first 3 years on the ballot), was Eric Karros receiving 2 votes and Kevin Appier, one. Hopefully, the persons who cast those ballots will be named and shamed, shortly.

3 responses to “Less Annoying Of Chicago’s Hawks Called To The Hall”

  1. hot shit college student says:

    Crap vote again, but if just anyone (except Big Mac, Blyleven, and Tim Raines) is getting in these days… Hawk had a career OPS+ 10 points lower than Dawson, was MLB’s first disgruntled free agent, and invented batting gloves. You can cancel the post-game show.

  2. Bez says:

    I’m wondering if Ben will weep if Dawson wears an Expos hat into the hall (is that even possible)?

  3. Bez says:

    The Expos hat, that is, not Ben’s weeping. I have no doubt he looks at his Shawon Dunston jersey/pajamas and weeps nightly.

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