Light’s Out : Mushnick Family Needs More Beauty Sleep

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From Phil Mushnick in Sunday’s New York Post,

Reader Mike Murray notes that the NBA’s All-Stars last Sunday night combined to shoot 28 of 52 ” 54 percent ” from the foul line. Good thing it was on much too late for kids.

The contest in question began at 7pm central, 5pm Western time.

After so many years railing against the supposedly late starting / running times of major sporting events, why is it, you think, some television network hasn’t put an expert like Phil in charge of their scheduling? Say, Fox for instance?

After promising to pay hundreds of millions in rights fees, Phil’s network could introduce such innovations as “Monday Afternoon Football”, and the first-ever World Series in which all games began at 3pm on weekdays (with a 6pm curfew, so as not to interrupt the family dinner).

2 responses to “Light’s Out : Mushnick Family Needs More Beauty Sleep”

  1. charlie says:

    Thank you for calling him out on this. He might be the most east coast time centric human being on earth. This and his hatred for Mike and the Mad Dog are two ridiculous weaknesses of his that, unfortunately, editors must have no power over.

  2. GC says:


    I’m no fan of the Tri-State Area’s Scariest Beard, but Phil’s practice of nailing Russo and Francesca for any number of lapses — factual, ethical, etc., is one of his only redeeming features.

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