Live Blogging A Brain Dead Attempt At Live Blogging

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From American’s foremost authority on giggling at black people, The Human Whoopie Cushion :

A reader also points out how pleased we were to see that Cleveland from “Family Guy” had the opportunity to also sing the national anthem.

Maybe you get precisely the sort of readers you deserve?

Yeah, they’re the exact same guy. I mean, just look at them.

This sort of sophisticated analysis does remind me a bit of the Austin columnist who insists on comparing Stephen A. Smith to Eddie Murphy.

I will say that these David LaChappelle Burger King ads are really freaking me out. And the price of a Super Bowl spot must’ve really dropped if Ian Michael Black is considered a suitable pitchman.

(UPDATE : What I meant to say, the price of a Super Bowl spot must’ve really dropped if Jay Mohr is considered a suitable pitchman. At this rate, we’ll see advertisements starring Scott Ferrall and Tom Arnold by halftime.)

UPDATE 2 : Incredibly, they’ve played an entire half of football and neither Al Michaels nor John Madden has said a word about the drunken photos of Ben Roethlisberger that appeared in the neutered version of On The DL. Am I overreacting when I say this calls for a Congressional investigation?)

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