Longing For The Days When Sam Mitchell Provided Such Reliable Copy

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Former Raptors head coach Sam Mitchell¬† (above, left)— currently ensconced as an assistant in Newark, where the Carmelo-Coveting has kicked into high gear, visited Toronto Friday night for the first time since the end of his tenure in that fair city.¬† TSN’s James Cybulski fondly recalls Mitchell’s approach towards the Fourth Estate, which apparently, was already in fine fettle before he’d even presided over his first Raptors game.

Cybulski: How do you like the city?

Mitchell: It’s good. Still figuring it out but I like it.

Cybulski: Are you settled in yet?

Mitchell: Not yet, but we’re getting there.

Cybulski: Do you have a young family to move up here as well and get adjusted?

(It was here that Sam went a touch sideways)

Mitchell: What the @$%& is up, man? What’s with all the questions? You trying kidnap my kids or something?

Cybulski: Sorry, I was just trying to make some chit-chat.

Mitchell: Labumbard, whats up with this #*$&%¤ guy? Is this guy trying to hi-jack my *$#& family!?

Labumbard: Well, Sam…it’s just people are a little nicer up here.

Mitchell: What the $+*#?

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