Lucchino Was Right : Evil Empire, al Qaeda Link Confirmed

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“Just because your team signs Carl Pavano, Jared Wright, and has the 2nd best shortstop in New York doesn’t mean you have to go and prove George W Bush right about…. something or other. Get a grip, your team could be starting Chan Ho Park voluntarily!” writes Marc Perlman, who provides a link to the following CNN report.

(surely someone possesses the photoshop skillz in order to place a Yankee cap atop his head?)

An American computer programmer who later became an FBI informant told a British court during 17 days of testimony that he ran training camps in Pakistan for Islamic militants and nurtured a generation of homegrown British terrorists.

Mohammed Junaid Babar’s testimony in the yearlong trial of five men convicted Monday of a plot to bomb targets in London revealed how disaffected Britons were trained for terrorism in Pakistan, where many have family ties.

A naturalized American from Pakistan, Babar was an associate of the ringleader of the deadly July 7, 2005, transit attack in London, the fertilizer bomb plotters and a group who cased Britain’s luxury hotels and targets on Wall Street, law enforcement officials said.Babar pleaded guilty in the United States in 2004 to smuggling money and military supplies to a senior al Qaeda figure and awaits sentencing.

The slightly built Yankees fan from Queens described how he mingled with radicals from the fall of 2001, when he quit a job as a computer programmer and left New York for Lahore — saying he was radicalized by the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan.

Babar’s house and office in Lahore became a magnet for young militants — an outpost of Britain’s al-Muhajiroun militant Islamic group that was banned by British authorities after members praised the September 11 attacks.

His home was also a virtual armory: A kitchen spice rack was packed with jars of chemicals, and aluminum powder and fertilizer for making bombs were stuffed in a bedroom cupboard.

The backyard was a makeshift firing range, Babar testified. Buried close by was a cache of AK-47 rifles, grenades and ammunition.

I don’t wanna come off all hawkish or anything, but based on the above information, it seems to me the administration would be fully justified — as much as ever, anway — to commence bombing the Bronx.

4 responses to “Lucchino Was Right : Evil Empire, al Qaeda Link Confirmed”

  1. matt says:

    perlman cc’d this article to his myspace, tom tommorow, and that dude that makes get your war on too. motherfucker’s eyes all sorts of glazed over.

  2. susan mullen says:

    George Bush is only doing the Iraq thing to placate the business interests that got him elected, not because he’s particularly bellicose. The war’s many supposed detractors have failed to stop the war for the same reason: a relative, friend, or constituent is making lots of money on the “war” which isn’t really a war but a business scheme. You may be aware the whole Bush group decided to attack Iraq long before he was even elected the first time. Also, if anything could help get the war over with, it would be the use of the ‘bombs’ you reference. Right now, you have construction projects, urban guerilla hand to hand combat, and rules of engagement that prevent soldiers from doing their job. On your ‘evil empire’ etc. reference, the phrase has long been overused, wasn’t original to begin with, and alludes to an owner who by all accounts is nothing like his former famous self. Some well known writers have even written columns saying other writers should wean themselves from depending on words or deeds from this owner to add color to their offerings. It’s just no longer appropriate. I just thought I’d mention these items as they’re facts in which you might be interested.

  3. GC says:


    One of these days, I’ll have something funny to say. That day probably won’t be tomorrow, but one of these days.

    When that day arrives, i sincerely hope someone has either lent or sold you a sense of humor.

    The only thing I find funnier at the moment that the above story’s aside about Mohammed Junaid Babar’s alleged love of the Yanks is that you’d take the time to point out that “evil empire” is no longer appropriate in reference to the (other) Bombers. Indeed, it’s totally played out. But it scans better than “Evil Fucks Who Are In Last Place”.

  4. Rog says:

    I always used to kid after 9/11 that the Yankees were part of the Axis of Evil. Who knew I was right?

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