Making It Rain With Floyd Mayweather

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Nyjer Please bulk forwarded a link earlier today to some bullshit video of Tony Romo getting screechy with Metal Skool (can someone please kill those guys before the inevitable Rob Dibble appearance?), but the real gem at TMZ.com is footage of Floyd Mayweather tossing crazy money around (“with some boxer named Zab Judah” — they really know their sweet science at TMZ) at a lame Vegas nightspot. At one point, Mayweather is said to throw $5K into the air.

A bit of a cliché, really. Though in defense of Pretty Boy Floyd, no one busted out a phone cam when I did the same thing last Sunday night at Donn’s Depot.

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  1. “Black”…….. What you been smoking bro??? The reality is Manny is the P4P KING and Finest FIGHTER of the Ten years!!! Don’t detest soooooooo substantially……..

  2. Bobbie Reck says:

    Don, thanks for the effortless cool you brought to our lives. Go with God and strut around the Soul Train Line with all the angels.

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