Malkin Shuns Pittsburgh For Russian Club With Cool Name

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Reuters reports this morning that C Evgeni Malkin, the no. 2 overall pick in the 2004 NHL Draft, has signed a new, one-year deal Russian Superleague franchise Metallurg Magnitogorsk. The move follows Malkin changing agents for the second time in the past month. Luke Hochevar admires Malkin’s biz acumen.

Though the situations are probably unrelated, Sidearm Delivery links to a recent interview with the Blackhawks’ Pavel Vorobiev, who takes a dim view of the way Russians are treated in the NHL.

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  1. SS says:

    Considering that Malkin is far and away the best player not playing in the NHL, this is a pretty huge setback for the Penguins. Crosby’s great, but until there’s someone else to defend on the Pens (since there certainly isn’t anyone defending), they’re going to stick up the Eastern seaboard.

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