Man Named Buerhle Hunts For Bear

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“Is Ozzie G a size queen?” is the question posed by RW370’s Rob Warmowski, which might be one way of explaining the trade of Tadahito Iguchi.

It’s probably well-known by now that some White Sox, freed of October commitments,took a trip up to Minnesota to do a little animal killing. While there’s nothing gay at all about affectionate men bonding in the woods to “bag” a “bear”, White Sox LHP Mark Buehrle, DH Jim Thome, RF Jermaine Dye and C AJ Pierzynski’s recent no-girls-allowed hunting trip had the unintended effect of showing exactly what’s on skipper Ozzie Guillen’s mind:

“The kill, which seemed to be a proud moment for the whole group, came in for a little ribbing from manager Ozzie Guillen, who said the bear was not even as big as pitching coach Don Cooper.”

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  1. Pete Segall says:

    There’s a Rex Grossman joke in here somewhere that I have neither the patience nor the strength to parse out.

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