Mariners To Seattle Lesbians : Get A Room

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Seattle’s KOMO TV reports a pair of women were ejected from a Mariners game for kissing. Each other.  Said item doesn’t specify whether the game was Eric Bedard’s gem Wednesday against Boston, but presumably the below incident happened recently.

Sirbrina Guerrero says she only gave her date a peck, but a mother sitting with her son complained to security and, as a result, they were told to stop or leave.

“And he (the security guard) goes ‘there’s a lady whose son says he saw you guys making out, and I did, too. And you have to stop.’ And I said ‘well, we weren’t making out, but we were kissing and I’m not going to stop,'” said Guerrero.

Guerrero says the only reason she was called out was because of her sexual orientation.

“(The security guard said) the mom doesn’t want to explain to the kids why two girls are kissing. So I said ‘well, I’m not going to stop, so you’ll have to kick me out. So he said ‘so I suggest you leave then,”‘ she said.

Safeco Field officials refused to comment on the incident. However, officials did send KOMO News a copy of the field’s code of conduct which states “displays of affection are not appropriate in a public family setting.”

But Guerrero and her friends don’t buy it. After Guerrero was flagged at the game, they took pictures of other couples who kissed but were not reprimanded. Those couples, they said, were heterosexual.

When asked whether she and her date were acting lewd in any way that would have prompted such a firm response from the security guard, Guerrero said, “We were eating garlic fries. The last thing we wanted to do was make out with each other. Honestly, that’s what it was.”

I remain hopeful this is a misunderstanding and not indicative of homophobia on the part of the Mariners.  I’ve spend at least 30 minutes designing a “J.J. Putz Drives Me Nutz” t-shirt for sale via Cafe Press, and I’d hate to think none of the thousands of Seattle male buyers would feel comfortable wearing it to Safeco.

55 responses to “Mariners To Seattle Lesbians : Get A Room”

  1. MP says:

    i gotta agree with Joe(12) on this one, get over it. It’s the 21st century and whether certain people like it or not, there is such thing as homesexual reltaions. How do you gay bashers feel about certain religious leaders engaging in far more homosexual acts?Come on, it was just a kiss.

  2. Mary M. says:

    As a lesbian AND a breeder, I prefer not to watch anybody making out in public. Period. That doesn’t mean I think it should be illegal, nor do I think it is immoral. I just find it to be in poor taste. A peck on the lips, however, is not making out. As others have said, there are times and places for everything, gay or straight.

  3. Airy says:

    Too bad that woman doesn’t realize that some of the hunky baseball players she’s watching are queer as a three dollar bill! But she probably wouldn’t mind that because they are dudes and straight women love to be fag hags. She was probably turned on and couldn’t handle it. THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN RED SOX NATION!!!! WE LOVE EVERYBODY!

  4. BostonBilly says:

    Why don’t we give ’em all strap-ons and let ’em have at it during the 7th inning stretch…Thank you Mariners….it’s not natural or “normal” and never will be, no matter how hard they try to force it down our throats (sorry)

  5. GC says:

    at the risk of coming off like joe censor, I’m gonna have to turn off the comments on this one. CSTB was shut down for almost all of Friday due to server issues / alleged overload, etc. Maybe that has nothing to do with this post, but when 30-40 comments enter the moderation queue within seconds of this post being replaced, there’s something awfully fishy going on.

    In short, I thank you all for expressing yourselves. Even the mentally challenged hate fuckers amongst you. But on behalf of CSTB management and the readers who are interested in something beyond this one post, I feel pretty confident in saying we’ve been fuckin’ rick-rolled. Conceptual humor is awesome, really, but I’m not gonna spend my entire Saturday approving/deleting comments, many of which are flooding in under the same I.P. address despite having different names. If you feel you’ve been denied your day in court on this blazing controversey, please, go to blogger.com and create your own journal to properly chronicle the wave of public sentiment.