Mark E. To Malcom Middleton’s Ex : Don’t Get Funny

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The only thing more inevitable than a Fall lineup change or the umpteenth occasion of Mark E. Smith following a relative dud album with one that’s shockingly good…would be TV or radio appearances like the one above. Surely Mark’s autobiography could be the greatest case of setting-the-record-straight since Lance Rentzel’s “When All The Laughter Died In Sorrow”?

3 responses to “Mark E. To Malcom Middleton’s Ex : Don’t Get Funny”

  1. matt says:

    it’s better than fall heads roll…but really? shockingly good? bit much.

  2. GC says:

    Matt, I wasn’t referring specifically to ‘Reformation : Post TLC’. In other words, if you’re not into this one, stick around, there’s probably something better coming down the pike next time.

  3. Brian Turner says:

    One of the my fave Mark E. interfaces with the media from this German TV show circa 1989:

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