Massarotti : Crisp To Red Sox, Marte To Indians

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From the Boston Herald’s Tony Massarotti.

(still the wrong Crisp)

According to baseball sources, the Red Sox and Cleveland Indians have agreed in principle on a deal that will bring outfielder Coco Crisp to the Sox in a multi-player trade. The deal was agreed upon several days ago under the condition that Cleveland be able to acquire another outfielder to replace Crisp, presumably Jason Michaels from the Philadelphia Phillies.

There was some indication that the Phillies and Indians were hoping to complete the deal for Michaels as soon as last night. Cleveland was believed to be sending one of two relievers – left-hander Arthur Rhodes or right-hander Rafael Betancourt – to the Phillies in exchange for Michaels.

(I think we have the right one this time)

In the event of a breakdown in talks between the Phillies and Indians, Cleveland was believed to have serious interest in free agent outfielder Jeff DaVanon as a replacement for Crisp.

The Red Sox will send a package including reliever Guillermo Mota and prospect Andy Marte to the Indians. The inclusion of Mota in the deal explains why the Sox signed free agent reliever Julian Tavarez to a two-year contract despite having a bullpen that already included Keith Foulke, Mike Timlin, Mota, Rudy Seanez and, perhaps, Jonathan Papelbon.

Beyond the acquisition of Crisp, the Sox also are about to sign free agent Alex Gonzalez. The 28-year-old former Florida Marlins shortstop, is a free-swinging, career .264 hitter with little power, but he is regarded as a very good defensive player. He will likely bat ninth in a revamped Sox lineup that should feature much-improved infield defense.

3 responses to “Massarotti : Crisp To Red Sox, Marte To Indians”

  1. David Roth says:

    I don’t know why I feel obligated to post this, because I don’t care much, but might Massaroti just be assuming that Gonzalez is a good-field /no-hit type? He didn’t play very well at all, anywhere, last year, but he hit 23 homers the year before that, and 18 the year before that. He does strike out too much, but his career slugging percentage is almost the same as Orlando Cabrera’s.

  2. ds says:

    Ugh! For the last few years the only way I could get girls I dated into the Tribe or baseball in general was Coco Crisp. And for awhile I had the double whammy of Coco Crisp and Milton Bradley. You know, they think it’s cute. Whatever it takes. Now all I have is Jhonny Peralta and I highly doubt that is gonna cut it.

  3. josh says:

    DS, Kaz Tadano just made the Tribe 40 man roster. You can always show her the gay porn video he is in as foreplay before the Indians-Royals day game special.

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