Matt Cain’s No Headhunter…

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…he just wants David Wright to experience some solidarity with the rest of the Amazingly Disabled.

3 responses to “Matt Cain’s No Headhunter…”

  1. Greg D. says:

    Odds on when Wright complains of Headaches, Francesa is going to misconstrude as “he wants out of New York”?

  2. Gerry Walsh says:

    Matt Cain’s pitch release and the speed of the pitch (93+MPH) leaves you the distinct opinion that he meant to go beyond the normal “brush back”. Why pitch at 93mph….why not 80-85??? It gets the same result?Plus the pitch did not sail away it was as straight as a bullet. This has to stop! I know that many people say that a “pitch back” is part of the game but why? Is it “manly”??? In my opinion in the future the next batter needs to “accidentally” let the bat “slip” out of his hand and fly at the picture. That should have the same impact as a brush back; get the pitcher off his game!!! Just kidding, but it angers me that these pitchers can do this with NO real fear of retribution!
    Stop trhe insanity and cut this matcho crap!

  3. Gerry says:

    Sorry for the misspelling. Pitcher!!!

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