Matt Millen No Longer The Most Embarrassing Member Of The Lions Organization

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From SI.com (link courtesy Kevin T.)

A Detroit Lions assistant coach was arrested twice in the past two weeks — once while police say he was driving nude and a week later on suspicion of drunken driving.

Police in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn said Joe Cullen, who coaches the team’s defensive line, was pulled over Aug. 24 and ticketed on suspicion of indecent and obscene conduct.

The ticket does not provide any other information about why Cullen allegedly was nude. The Lions said alcohol was involved.

Then, on Sept. 1, police stopped his 2006 Ford Explorer and determined he had a blood-alcohol content of 0.12 percent, court records show. The legal limit for drivers in Michigan in 0.08 percent.

Cullen, who lives in Dearborn, posted bond in both misdemeanor cases and was coaching at Wednesday’s practice.

I’ll submit that Cullen was nude…because that’s the way John Smoltz’ God made us.

But seriously, even Leon Lee wears pants while driving.  I think.

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  1. kt says:

    why is that man smiling? and is it related to why we can’t see him below the waist?

    when i first read this “The Lions said alcohol was involved.
    my first reaction was no shit numbskull. but then i thought maybe they didn’t offer it as an excuse so much as an assurance. as if to say “sure, our coaches drive around suburban detroit bare-assed naked but it’s not the kind of thing they do when they’re sober.” either way i hope it wasn’t a rental because i sure as hell wouldn’t want to use that car next.

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