Danny Graves’ Career Burial

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Maura Johnston writes :

The Reds just designated danny graves for assignment. from the release:
Graves, 31, this season for the Reds went 1-1 with a 7.76 ERA and 10 saves in 20 relief appearances. He posted an ERA of 11.00 in 10 appearances in May, including a 30.38 ERA in his last 3 games.

I can’t help but wonder if this hastened his exit, too:

Reds reliever Danny Graves made an obscene gesture toward fans after being shelled and booed off the field in the Reds’ 9-2 loss to the Cleveland Indians Sunday, News 5’s George Vogel reported.

Graves (above) yelled at a fan and flipped the finger toward the scouts’ seats behind home plate after giving up five runs in the ninth inning.

Graves, who complained two weeks ago about home fans booing the Reds, told the Associated Press about Sunday’s incident: “I don’t know what he said. It’s not an issue. If they want to cuss at me, fine. One thing I said two weeks ago got blown out of proportion, and now it’s way out of proportion.”

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  1. dave g says:

    I think this is just sad. Here’s a guy whose been with the same team for 8 years, is loved in the clubhouse, and gets canned 1/4 of the way through the season. Methinks you’re entitled to a few bad outings after 8 years, or at least a chance to smooth things out in AAA. Not a good way to boost team morale. Danny Graves ain’t the reason the Reds are 16-28.

  2. CSTB says:

    agreed, and if they think David Weathers is gonna fare much better (last night excepted), the Reds are in for a cruel surprise.

    Clearly they need to go after a veteran with closer experience, someone with the maturity to be able to handle hecklers without lashing out. Do you think the Reds have John Rocker’s phone number?

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