Maybe He Should Ask Burger King For A Job Application?

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WRKO mouthpiece John DePetro (the asshole on the left) was fired last week after his inflammatory remarks regarding Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party candidate for Governor, Grace Ross. From the Boston Globe’s Andrea Estes and Suzanne Ryan.

“I could go now a lifetime without Grace Ross,” he said. “She has nerve. This whole business of ‘well since we’re being ignored,’ ” he said, mocking Ross’s effort to get equal time in the debate.

“No, you’re irrelevant. Get off the stage!” he continued, directing his remarks to Ross. “I couldn’t stand her at the end. At one point I was about to yell: “Will somebody tell that fat lesbian to shut up. . . .

“Shut up. Go home,” DePetro said. “Burger King is looking for another third-shift person to work the grill. Enough.”

“I was traumatized by you being on the stage,” he said of Ross.

“I didn’t violate any laws,” DePetro told the Globe. “There was no obscene language. I know it’s mean, but she is technically obese and lives an alternative lifestyle.”

Today’s Boston Herald reports that DePetro, pleading for his job, has a) offered to undergo sensitivity training and b) has proposed giving Ross “a weekly one-hour segment called ‘Amazing Grace.'”

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