McCain Favors Greater Government Regulation of World Series, Network Television

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Buried in this AP story about Game 5’s postponement and bad weather:

More rain and possible snow showers were expected Tuesday, so commissioner Bud Selig said Game 5 was tentatively set to resume at 8:37 p.m. Wednesday night — after Democratic president candidate Barack Obama’s 30-minute ad on Fox and other networks. Major League Baseball and Fox agreed two weeks ago to push back Wednesday’s first pitch — originally for Game 6 — by about 10 minutes.

“No one will delay a World Series game with an infomercial when I’m president,” Republican candidate John McCain said to loud applause at a Tuesday rally in Pennsylvania.

Certainly, Democrats and Republicans can both agree: Game 5 2/3 of the World Series is far more important than the upcoming election. Though, isn’t the latter getting better ratings?

12 responses to “McCain Favors Greater Government Regulation of World Series, Network Television”

  1. GC says:

    I can understand the Arizona Senator’s frustration. Given how little money he’s raised compared to Obama, McCain might have to settle for a one minute spot during Thursday’s Chicago/N.E. MLS playoff game.

  2. Rog says:

    Um, if McCain were President, why the fuck would he be running infomercials anyway? I think Obama’s infomercial is supposed to be in an effort TO GET THE MAN ELECTED. If the President himself were running infomercials I’d hope his name was Billy Mays and not McCain or Obama.

  3. GC says:

    salient point, Rog. If Sen. McCain is elected, I too, am fairly certain we will not be seeing a Presidential infomercial. A telethon, however, is entirely within the realm of possibility.

  4. Jason Cohen says:

    Not only would McCain not run infomercials as President – he will stop anyone, be they opposing candidates or Mr. Mays, from running infomercials during the World Series. Bold leadership or an unconscionable expansion of executive power?

  5. Aaron Ranna says:

    Then again, Senator Obama (whom I’m voting for, fuck off assholes)(or at least his campaign) is advocating that people take November 4th off to work the phones for his campaign and spread the word…I don’t get it, if he is so far ahead in the polls why does he need poor folk like us to do this shit? If I end up doing this bullshit and he wins I’ll be fucking pissed.

    Oh, and fuck you GC.

  6. Timothy Wright says:

    So, some stupid pregame bs was pushed back a bit, big deal.

  7. Mark says:

    Can you read Rog?? He said, “NO ONE will delay a WS game with an infomercial when I’m president.” He did not say HE would be the one running the ad…Telling others they can’t press the pause button on the WS isn’t the same as McCain running an infomercial.

  8. laura e. says:

    John McCain promises he will only delay the World Series to announce our involvement in yet another war.

  9. SW says:

    Please- this is ridiculous banter. This was a good example of a statement taken out of context and made too much of. Clearly, Senator McCain was not stating serious policy when he said this.

  10. kt says:

    mccain seems to forget that the NFL’s opening was delayed to accommodate the RNC’s convention.

  11. b from boston says:

    As a long-time resident [email protected], I was one of probably about five people in the state who watched the World Series. Most everyone else has moved on to the Celtics since the Red Sox weren’t in. Pretty much all the other Series games started about a half hour after the pre-game, and I didn’t feel like I missed anything by watching Obama.

    Aaron Ranna, Obama’s camp — and I — are taking nothing for granted in this election. What the polls show now will not necessarily be the same next Tuesday. And it seems that people tend not to vote when they think the outcome is already decided. It can’t hurt to be cautious, especially after 2000 and 2004.

  12. Jason Cohen says:

    “this is ridiculous banter”


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