Media Old & New Concur : Walsh Should’ve Taken Jennings

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“I guess we’ll never know how Young Money would’ve fared in the Big Apple,” muses Posting & Toasting‘s Seth after the New York Knicks’ decision to select Jordan Hill with Thursday’s 8th overall pick instead of PG Brandon Jennings, chosen at no. 10 by Milwaukee.  “my imagination tells me that the intersection of Jennings’ mouth, D’Antoni’s offense, and the New York media could’ve been glorious” bemoans Seth, though the New York Post’s Peter Vecsey goes a tad further, saying of GM Donnie Walsh’s alleged infatuation with prying Ricky Rubio’s rights from Minnesota, “he has a better chance to acquire Steve Nash when he finally gets fed up with the shenanigans of the Suns.”

A talent scout tells me, “God created Jennings for D’Antoni’s system … minus the jump shot that needs improvement.” That’s straight from a friend of mine who knows a little basketball and has seen the kid play no less than 100 times throughout high school/AAU.

“Every year he was the best guard in his class,” said a Western Conference GM who tried to obtain a second No. 1 to get him before the Bucks did at No. 10. “Then he went to Italy to play. You know how it works, out of sight, out of mind.”

“Brandon is a freak athlete with a superior feel for the game and unteachable passing ability. He flaunts Pistol Pete flair, Isiah Thomas toughness with a nasty streak to match, doesn’t take crap from anybody and always has the backs of teammates. Plus he loves New York. Used to come to the city to play at Rucker Playground and in other outdoor leagues. He would’ve reinvigorated the Garden.

“The Rubio-Pistol comparisons are comical,” my friend snapped. “What, just because both are white, play guard, and have floppy hair? Rubio averages nine a game in Europe. Maravich averaged 44 at LSU. It’s insulting to Pete and his legacy they’re being compared.”

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  1. hoopinion says:

    Not to dissuade one from believing that a 21st Century high-top fade is equivalent to 1960s floppy Caucasian hair but Brandon Jennings averaged 7.5 points a game in Euroleague, 5.5 in the Italian league. Apparently we can insult Pistol Pete’s legacy across racial classifications.

    Also, seeing “no less than 100” AAU games has to be most pathetic claim to authority I’ve ever read.

  2. gianthinker says:

    I’m glad we took Hill over Jennings. Hill is a hard worker who keeps his nose clean. Jennings speaks about himself in third person. He’s very talented but only averages like 6 points overseas in a system just like D’Antoni’s. He needs a jump shot. Problem is he’s totally full of himself. I don’t want Marbury part 2. GET RUBIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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