Meet The Newest New York Met…

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….the no. 184 overall pick in today’s First Year Player Draft, RHP Scott Schafer of Pasadena Memorial High (TX). Like many other young persons, he has a MySpace page (link courtesy Maura Johnston), one in which he claims his first thought upon waking up is “why am I such a badass?” and cites his “best physical feature” as “my penis.”

On the bright side, he has way more virtual friends than this guy. A cooler profile, too.

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  1. Jon Solomon says:

    So much to think about on Scott’s MySpace profile. I guess in some circumstances a vagina *could* be an instrument, but I’ll leave the discussion of using unidirectional versus omnidirectional microphones on it for TapeOp.

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, Gawker is totally fucked up for invading/stalking the lives of people they dont know..

  3. GC says:

    lovely, I arrive back from London just in time to read yet another constructive critique from the ombudsman-who’s-not-my-bud (man). Long time no see, PJ. I was starting to worry about you.

    Luckily for one of us, you’ve not suffered a fatal autoerotic asphyxsiation death. Better luck next time!

    In all seriousness though, you make an excellent point. What would constitute a greater invasion of privacy than re-posting something an adult has already willingly placed on THE SECOND MOST HIGHLY TRAFFICKED WEBSITE IN THE WORLD?

    The inference of hypocrisy would make just as much sense if you ignored some very basic facts. I’m having a laff riot at the expense of a guy who is very much a public figure and surely must be aware that with his burgeoning celebrity comes more and more people staring at his fetching photos.

    That, compared to the Leitchian Version Of Your Right To Know, is not the same circumstance. If you’re standing up for the First Amendment Rights of the Screetchster to give you a ghoulish gander at the MySpace profile of some kid that’s just offed himself, a profile that was clearly removed for a reason, that’s terrific. I hope you and the Whoopie Cushion are very proud of yourselves. Since I don’t have either of your street addresses, I’ll send the congratulatory candygram c/ o General Delivery, Fuck Off And Dieville.

    There’s a world of difference between poking fun at the next batch of dopey teen millionaires and questioning the mental makeup of a kid who is no longer around to defend himself. Though he might not have a real MySpace profile of his own worthy of ridicule, Will’s turgid tales of eating disorders and impotence are less entertaining and considerably more self indulgent than any of the juvenille boasts made by the latest batch of baseball draftees.

  4. Deb Morgan says:

    What idiots you people are! MYSPACE is just a place for teenagers to have fun and write and/or entertain their friends. When I was in high school, we had opinion books. Get a life! You don’t vene know Scotty Schafer! He is a fine kid, un unbelievable baseball talent, ane the METS will never regret that they were lucky enough to get him! What a bunch of losers you are to pretend that a teenager’s MYSPACE is their autobiography and their accurate account of themselves! Again…you IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. GC says:

    fine points, Deb, but I don’t recall anyone in this space claiming that Schafer’s myspace profile (or anyone else’s) was anything other than what it is. And I have tried to stress (http://cstb.wpengine.com/?p=6347) that I think Scott’s form of self expression is harmless.

    That said, it does seem like a bit of a come on for him to make such statements without giving us one glimpse of that cock.

  6. TS says:

    Yeah, I went to high school with Schafer and he’s a really sweet guy. He just likes to entertain his friends and thats exactly what all of that was, being a teenager and having fun!

  7. chad says:

    I grew up in the same area as Scott and think that everyone is over reacting if you have seen anybody’s myspace with a normal life then this kind of stuff will be on there scott is a funny guy off the feild and was just being humorous with the picture and all his comments about drinkin beer but on the feild he is very serious and a great competitor.

  8. Courtney Bartlett says:

    Scott and I were dating at the time he found out about going pro… he made up some bulshit story about why we were braking up! he treated me so good but in reality he is the most cocky, arrogant ass hole ever! Scott was cheating on me with the girls on myspace. he told them all about his penis, which i might add isnt that big, nothing like he says it is. he is just a jerk. and i hope he gets to read this, and if u do scott, just remember that what goes around comes around and thanks for ditching be for some whore for prom… fuck u scott and i hope u fuck up in ur baseball career because there’s many more people who deserve it than u!!!!!! fuck u, go to hell…
    and just know that i wasnt one of ur teamates so i dont know why u tried to play me like a fool…

  9. brandan kankel says:

    scott is my best friend and all this stuff everyone is saying makes me laugh. ive known him since damn near birth since our birthdays are less than hours apart. so everyone lets act like good grown ups and letthis ttenager have his fun eh?

  10. superman says:

    well courtney your a bitch grow up and move on some girls arnt ment to be with pro baseball players so find you a good garbage man later loser

  11. Erika and Ashley says:

    Ok well we know Scott personally, and he’s a really great guy and everyone puts stupid stuff on their myspaces just to be stupid and funny , and it never really means anything. So everyone making a big deal about his myspace are stupid and this shouldnt have any effect on his baseball career. WE LOVE YOU SCOTT! :]

  12. Lauren Labardini says:

    Scott… don’t fucking listen to that bullshit! we had the best time at prom.. you and amber were cute dates… and we all had fun! I wish you the best of luck in baseball.. don’t forget your people back at home..lol.. Hope to get to see you play one day..


  13. Henry Verastegui says:

    Personally, Scott Schafer a.k.a. “The Schafernator” doesn’t really give a damn what anybody thinks about him. The man is a very talented individual who has worked hard for what he has become. I played baseball along scott’s side for maybe 5 or 6 years, and he’s pretty damn good at it. so all you jealous people who have nothing going on in your lives other than criticizing other people’s accomplishments, get a fuckin life, grow up, and stay out of it. All the “Schafernator” supporters out there, keep supporting cause i know scott really appreciates it.

  14. Edgy DC says:

    Not a good morning for arguing that Scott’s a “great kid” and his critics are all just jealous.

    Welcome to adulthood, kids.

  15. J-Money says:

    this shit is hilarious.hahaha.scott does have a big penis and mine is right there with his.im being nice haha.mines really big.this is wierd now so ill leave

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