Mets Announce More Cosmetic Changes For 2010’s 4th Place Finish

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A pursuit of Jose Guillen rather than Roy Halladay isn’t enough to pique your interest in NYC’s other baseball team?  How about a Mets museum right inside Citi Field’s front gate?  Are you overcome with excitement knowing the Gary-Keith-Ron partnership will remain intact for at least another two years? Failing that, how much more can the Mets do to galvanize their long suffering fanbase than to introduce alternate home uniforms that actually look like something a professional baseball team might wear (albeit a team that lost 120 games in 1962)?  MLB.com’s Aiden Gonzalez claims the above jersey is “inspired by the early years of the franchise”, and as nostalgia goes, it’s likely to be a more successful move than Daniel Murphy receiving fielding tips from Marv Throneberry via a Ouiaja board.

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  1. kranepool says:

    Wait a minute how is this uni different from the pinstripe uni they’ve been wearing on the days when Charlie Samuels suffers from a contact high off the rubbing alcohol in the trainers room and passes out in a pile of black uniform tops?

    Talk about getting in the holiday spirit, thanks for re-gifting us Fred and Jeffey

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