Mets MySpace Gate Pt. II

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Back when Rupert Murdoch paid $600 to jackup the social networking enclave MySpace, some of us scoffed. Had we known, however, that such a transaction would open the door for one and all to become friends with DA EDGE (link courtesy Joel Hunt), however, that price would’ve been considered a huge bargain.

Will Colin Cowherd continue to insist that only those with irrelevant careers frequent MySpace? What vocation could be more relevant than patrolling right field for the New York Mets?

2 responses to “Mets MySpace Gate Pt. II”

  1. Joel Hunt says:

    thanks for not linking my myspace page, btw. I might get in trouble at work!

  2. GC says:

    indeed. not everyone can work for an enlightened firm. I know I can’t!

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