Mets Nearing Sweep At The Stadium

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To borrow from CSTB entries of July 2-4, 2004, Robert Merrill, Adrienne Shelley, Spike Lee, Suzyn Waldman, Michael Kay, Rudolph Giulliani, Andrew Giulliani, Billy Crystal, Dean Wareham, heck, even Paul Sommerstein…this one’s for you!

Watching Bernie Williams continue to struggle in CF makes me ache for my friends who follow the Yankees. Surely Brian Cashman knows that Roger Cedeno is available?

I hope someone takes the jerk behind the Won’t The Bloodletting Cease blog to task for all of his nasty remarks last year wishing that Cliff Floyd would retire.

John Sterling today claimed that Tom Glavine was “a joy to watch” because the Mets pitcher “does it all with his brain, his arm doesn’t have much left.” Yeah, it’s a thing of beauty. Especially if your eyes are closed.

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  1. David Roth says:

    Wait, Adrienne Shelley is a Yankees fan? At least tell me either Elina Lowensohn or Martin Donovan is a Mets fan, then.

    Also, it should be pointed out that the guy calling Glavine a joy to watch is employed by the team facing him. I’m sure whatever pair of human Sominex tablets is calling Braves games these days finds Tom a delight to watch, too. If Glavine ever faced the White Sox, Hawk Harrelson would probably be raptured up to heaven while watching him nibble ineffectually before grooving some 84 mph heat. Eeeeyeeeesssss indeed.

    Nice to see Heilman sharp in relief again, too. I don’t know if he was ever as close to the career abyss as I thought he was, but I was convinced when he was mediocre at AAA and downright bad in a few ML spot starts last year that he was pretty much done. Now he’s showing the best stuff in a Mets setup man that I can remember, going back to the glory days of… jeez, C.J. Nitkowski?

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