Mets On The Ledge, Rescued By Maine & Da Edge

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Mets 12, Marlins 0 (last of the 7th)

An otherwise enthralling Kansas State/Texas game is going to have to wait. Or rather, I’m gonna have to wait to leave the house. Despite Fox’s assbackwards national blackout, through the auspices of Gameday Audio I’ve been following the Fish/Mets matinee, in which the not-quite-dead hosts hold a commanding 11-0 lead. Lastings Milledge, playing his first game in 8 days, has a pair of home runs, and starter John Maine has 13 K’s without allowing a hit through 7 innings.

I think most of us (other than say, Orioles fans) might agree there would be considerable satisfaction in seeing the pitcher who was swapped for Anna Benson throw the first no-hitter in the Mets’ 45 year history.

During a miserable week in which poise and professionalism have been in short supply, it’s kind of amazing no Mets were ejected over the course of two bench clearing incidents in the 5th inning.

There’s no score yet at CBP between the Nationals and Phillies, mostly because the game won’t start for another 10 minutes.

The late Gene Mauch suggests that Maine be made available for long relief tomorrow, when and if Tom Glavine runs into trouble.

(UPDATE : Mets 12, Marlins 0, last of the 8th. After striking out Mike Jacobs and inducing Jason Wood to line out to Carlos Gomez, Maine’s no-hit bid was broken up by Paul Hoover’s infield single. Maine, as you might expect, is receving a wild ovation upon being pulled for Willie Collazo. Presumably, the Mets’ pen can hold a 12 run lead. Though after the last few weeks, perhaps we shouldn’t take anything for granted).

7 responses to “Mets On The Ledge, Rescued By Maine & Da Edge”

  1. Jason Cohen says:

    Friggin’ Fox pre-game show hasn’t even done a look-in. And, along with the blackout rule, they’ve decided the Cubs-Reds game is the one the Pacific Northwest needs to see.

  2. David Roth says:

    Amazing performance from Maine. I really thought this was going to be the no-hitter. You know, the one the Mets have never had. Anyway, I guess I can go outside now.

  3. GC says:

    I’m not nearly so arrogant to think that my purchase of MLB.tv’s package or DirecTV’s Extra Innings would actually entitle me to watch THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SEASON. I mean, tough fucking luck, nobody put a gun to my head and told me to live in Texas (well, nobody who reads this, anyway).

    But when SNY’s coverage is blacked out because it competes with…what? An infomercial on Fox’s NY affiliate? Can someone explain to me how it is to Fox’s advantage that baseball fans —who’ve paid through the nose — are denied the chance to see a halfway relevant ballgame during the season’s final weekend?

    Nations 1, Phillies 0 (first inning). If DC wins, I promise to never again say anything bad about Rites Of Spring.

  4. Jason Cohen says:

    I certainly don’t understand how it is to Fox’s advantage. But they pay a heck of a lot more money than Extra Innings does (or MLB makes from their webcasts).

    Must be enough angry East Coasters (or at least baseball fans who know which game matters) in Seattle, the station here moved to the Phils. Adam Eaton sucks.

  5. maura says:

    i saw a guy wearing a kris benson orioles jersey in section 8 of the upper deck today. he also had on a harvard hat.

  6. GC says:


    I believe that was Kris Benson.

  7. Rog says:

    Ben Schwartz is laughing hysterically at your problems. See, seeing the most important NL East game ever would prove an East Coast Bias©.

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