Miami Heat Sales Dept. Resigns En Masse To Spend More Time With Their Families

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Sorry, the above headline was supposed to read, “Miami Thrice Renders Heat Ticket Sellers Surplus To Requirements”. The Miami Herald’s Douglas Hanks explains :

In a statement, the Heat confirmed the dismissals of their entire season ticketing department Friday afternoon, saying that with an “exhausted” inventory of season-tickets “we no longer require a season ticket sales team to sell tickets.”

Stephen Weber, vice president of sales, delivered the news to about 30 ticket sales people Friday morning, according to one of the staffers who asked not to be named because he is seeking another job in sports.

Even when James was merely rumored to be heading for the Heat, the team saw an explosion in season ticket sales. The staffer said he and his colleagues were making cold calls to prospective customers and taking deposits for a waiting list that now has more than 6,000 names on it. The dismissals reflect the new Heat position in basketball: it can sell tickets without really trying.

“They let us go because there was really nothing left to do anymore,” the fired staffer said.

Why stop at the schulbs in the sales department? No one on earth knows more about certain coaches only needing to roll the balls out at practice in order to win a ring than Pat Riley — who’s to say Erik Spoelstra isn’t next?

14 responses to “Miami Heat Sales Dept. Resigns En Masse To Spend More Time With Their Families”

  1. Randy Clark says:

    They paid these guys $110Million to sell tickets and they are doing what they were hired to do. Now, they just gotta play good basketball!

  2. MANOEL says:

    sorry for all those who are purchasing tickets,titles are not gonna come just by themselves,queen JAMES will be a huge dissappointment ,lakers forever.

  3. nike ninja says:

    sorry for all those who are purchasing tickets,titles are not gonna come just by themselves,queen JAMES will be a huge dissappointment ,lakers forever.

  4. Bluengold34 says:

    They could have found other position’s for these people. I’m sure there will be an influx of “extra” income this year. “sorry, we are really good now, so we you can leave” That’s very pretty classy Heat Org.

  5. suzyteaser says:

    This isn’t all bad. The Ticket Sales department received a base salary along with commissions on each sales. Since sales were rolling in with little effort on their part, they should receive a nice commission check. Hopefully, they received severance pay. Last but not least they can apply for unemployment and take advance of the government subsidy to help with the COBRA coverage. I am sure they would prefer to be employed; however, if I had to be lay off this is the way to go.

  6. The Robot Devil says:

    The owners make millions, the players make millions and guys at the bottom get shafted.

  7. AUGMAN says:

    This is classic. Just another example of Pat Rodent’s evil tenure at the helm of the Heat.

    Sorry 30 people…your usefullness has expired, besides we need the money to pay for the three clowns salaries. I hope none of you were expecting a child, or needed money for your children’s education. That’s life, but what do you expect…I’m only a Rodent.

  8. Dan says:

    i hope they lose in the ist round

  9. mel says:

    shame on the heat. what james spends hanging out,they could have paid those people. thats why everyone hates the heat.

  10. Cordell says:

    Typical Corporate sleazeballs that use people to achieve a goal and dismiss this without any class or respect. I hope Miami falls WAY short of a championship run this year.

  11. Balakoth says:

    Wait what.. because James makes alot of moeny is the reason people hate the heat? Guess what genius the rest of the league makes that kind of ridiculous money too, not just the players on the Miami heat. Num nut

  12. nike ninja says:

    i hop they lose in the ist round

  13. Dan Cahill says:

    Time for a class action suit…

  14. Shaun says:

    Are you guys/girls kidding me????? A job in sales is NEVER a guaranteed long term job, and the fact they are paid commission on top of their base pay is a bonus. The commission this Dept. made just during the madness of last month was probably more then they’d make all year so i’m sure they’ll be ok. Furthermore, be happy they were layed off instead of fired because they most likely also received a decent severance package and free full weeks pay to boot. Read the comments from those workers who were layed off and see how they weren’t bitter. I don’t even care for the heat, but you’re an idiot if you think they won’t be awesome this coming season.

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