Miami Residents Weirdly Resistant To The Star Power of Tom Koehler

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Marlins reliever Tom Koehler — he of the glittering MLB resume that consists of a whopping 13.1 innings in a Miami uniform — has organized a “Pitch For Relief” baseball camp to raise funds for those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. As of Tuesday night, only 5 persons had signed up for the camp, and Koehler tells the Palm Beach Post’s Joe Capozzi he suspects local sentiment towards the salary-dumping Marlins has something to do with the modest response. As opposed to, y’know, hardly anyone knowing or caring who Tom Koehler is. (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

“I don’t know if people are really that aggravated that they’re going to take it to that extent. It’s a shame if they are,’’ said Koehler, who made eight appearances for the Marlins after a September call-up from Class AAA New Orleans.

“Hopefully people realize they have an opportunity to do something really good for a lot of people. There are people up in the Northeast, it’s winter now, so it’s cold and they’re still without power.’’

Outfielder Juan Pierre and retired All-Star Jeff Conine are among the instructors.

2 responses to “Miami Residents Weirdly Resistant To The Star Power of Tom Koehler”

  1. fan says:

    You left out a whole part of interview where Tom Koehler admits that he is not a house hold name. You steered your article into a negative when the act itself is to help others. Poor journalism

  2. GC says:

    you’re perfectly capable of clicking on the link and reading the entire article. Excerpting the entire thing might be your antidote to poor journalism, but some would consider it unfair use of someone else’s intellectual property.

    I’m sure Mr. Koehler’s heart is in the right place, However, his admission that he is not a household name is the understatement of the century. A Roach Motel reunion would’ve raised more money.

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