Michael Owen’s Short Day

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Sweden 0, England 1 (h.t.)

(Joe Cole’s mega-blast goal in the 34th minute)

Michael Owen was stretchered off in the 3rd minute ; keep in mind that Peter Crouch already has a yellow card in the tournament, and another will render him ineligible and/or result in Theo Walcott’s debut in the next round. Sweden are lucky not to be down by 2 or 3 at the break, and England are even luckier that Sven ignored everyone who suggested Owen Hargreaves didn’t deserve a spot on the team.

(UPDATE : Sweden 2, England 2, full time.

Allback equalized for Sweden 4 minutes after the break, Gerrard’s header seemingly won the game for England in the 84th minute…and then John Terry and Sol Cambell conspired to giftwrap a softer-than-Andrex goal for Henrik Larsson. Whoops. D’uh. Etc. Sweden and England would’ve both been through regardless, what with Trinidad & Tobago’s 2-0 loss to Paraguay, but the Swedes now have the dubious honor of facing German in the round of 16. Oh, and Top Of The Pops is cancelled 4-evah!)

(sickening no-talents prepare to prance and pout in the privacy of their own bedrooms)

3 responses to “Michael Owen’s Short Day”

  1. Charles says:

    (Joe Cole’s mega-blast goal in the 34th minute)

    I’m still not sure if that was a mishit or not. Watching it float sure was pretty, though. Alas, T&T isn’t holding up their part of the bargain and I don’t see how Sweden fails to go through anyway.

  2. randy says:

    not so much: yellow/red cards don’t follow through to the next round. crouch’s gawky frame will be on the field against germany/ecuador.

  3. GC says:


    thank you. And that’ll be Germany.

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