Miggy Mortified At Ratty Raffy’s ‘Roid Allegations

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Geez, did I call this one or what?

In all seriousness, the only persons caught unaware by the implication of Miguel Tejada are those too occupied on the cocktail party circuit to bother with much else.

From the AP’s Ronald Blum :

Rafael Palmeiro said a vitamin he received from Miguel Tejada might have caused the positive test for steroid use that led to the first baseman’s suspension, an assertion his Baltimore Orioles teammate dismissed as implausible.

Palmeiro said he received vitamin B-12 from Tejada, a person familiar with Palmeiro’s unsuccessful grievance hearing to overturn the suspension said Thursday on condition of anonymity because the proceedings were secret.

“Right now I’m in shock,” Tejada, a former American League MVP, said after Baltimore lost to the New York Yankees on Thursday night. “I’ve never given anybody steroids before. I’ve been checked out three times already, and I’m clean. I’ve been clean all my life.”

Tejada said he gave Palmeiro the B-12 injection “a long time ago.”

“It doesn’t bother me because I’m not guilty. I’ve done nothing wrong. I just gave him B-12, and B-12 is legal,” Tejada said. “You don’t get caught for B-12.”

Innocent-until-proven-guilty Miggy went 2 for 5 (double, RBI, one run) with a throwing error last night in Baltimore’s 7-6 loss to New York, moving the Yankees a full game in front of Boston in the AL East.

One response to “Miggy Mortified At Ratty Raffy’s ‘Roid Allegations”

  1. David Roth says:

    Suspicious mustache? Check.
    Reputation as a “good guy” undergirded by fulsome media, undercut by stories of snappishness, personal impropriety and (erection-enhancing) drug abuse? Check.
    (Okay, now it’s on)
    Lying to Congress? Check.
    Promising “explanation” at indefinite date for lies told to Congress/country? Check.
    Failing to provide said explanation? Troo.
    Waiting out media cycle, then shifting blame onto someone else, thus obfuscating obvious guilt? Yeah, check that.

    So… when does this guy get to be a Republican congressman again? He’s doing a good imitation of the President already.

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