Mike Awesome, RIP

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Pro Wrestling Torch reported yesterday that former ECW champion Mike Alfonso, aka Mike Awesome, died after an apparent suicide attempt over the weekend (link courtesy Jon Solomon).

Awesome (above, left) was involved in a particularly bizarre situation in 2000, when he jumped to WCW while still holding the ECW belt. Under threat of legal action from ECW, Awesome dropped the strap to Taz (above right) after having already having made his WCW debut.

Awesome’s WCW tenure was highlighted by the unfortunate gimmick of “That 70’s Guy”, along with feuds with Kevin Nash, the Insane Clown Posse and another with the recently deceased Bam Bam Bigelow.

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  1. Merwin says:

    Thanks for posting this without the snide comments that usually come with reporting wrestlers deaths.

    Awesome had a great series of matches throughout his career with Masato Tanaka in FMW and ECW.

    This story bears some watching due to the increased discussion around concussions leading to suicides. Mike clearly had suffered several throughout his career as he took many unprotected chair shots to the head.

    He had appeared to move on and adjusted well outside of the wrestling world.

  2. Peter says:

    The situation with the ECW belt was even more complicated because, at the time, Tazz was under WWE contract. Thus, a WCW wrestler met a WWE wrestler in an ECW ring for the only time to determine the ECW championship. Tight ship Heyman ran at that point, eh?

  3. GC says:

    indeed. And Awesome long maintained he was under no binding ECW agreement at the time.

  4. New York Joe says:

    It’s unfortunate how so many of these young men are dying before there time. Mike Awesome was a great athlete and great performer in the ring. I just hope that wherever he is now he is in a better place. And that god can help his family through this tough time. RIP Mike

    NY Joe

  5. Jesse says:

    Mike Awesome was a great athlete who had many productive years ahead of him. I am surprised to learn that so many concussions are leading to untimely deaths by suicide. When I first heard about his death, I thought of the world’s #1 killer-heart attack. That happened to Guererro and something like that happened to Hennig. God rest all their souls.

  6. Taka says:

    MIke Awesome was my favorite wrestler. He was a nice guy. Here in Japan, he, “The Gladiator” was recognized he was one of the greatest wrestlers from the States as well as Stan Hansen, Brody, Vadar, Steiners…He always talked to the fans after match when he goes back to hotel. Thank you, Mike.
    God bless him. God bless his family.

  7. ADAM says:

    A great man who will be missed by many.

  8. Mark says:

    I was dumbfounded when I heard Mike had passed. Mind you, I wasn’t a huge fan of his “that 70’s guy” (or what ever the f–k he was called) gimick in WCW. I enjoyed his work in Japan, especially against Masato Tanaka.

  9. terrance says:

    Truly sad to hear that Mike has passed away at such a young age. It was truly a delight to see a man his size with so much agility. I never saw him involved in a match where he didn’t give his all. May he rest in peace.

  10. Dan Duffy says:

    Its such a shame that these wrestlers keep dying. it seems that since Rick Rude passing away in 1999 the list keeps growing. One minute they’re hear and you’re watching them live and before you get the photographs developed they’re dead. Mike R.I.P thanks for the memories.

  11. Ryan Buck says:

    Awesome will be missed. R.I.P. Mike

  12. Douglas Smith says:

    I’m sick. I’m just sick of all of this. I love this sport, and the people who put it all on the line to entertain me and others like me. I am so sick of hearing about the ones that got away from us, and how awful things can go… Damnit Mike, why? Shit. Say Hi to Bam Bam for us, man. You will be missed.

  13. Travis Huffman says:

    Truly a tagic way for such a great athlete and performer to end their life. I was (and still am, regardless of what Vince has done to it) a true ECW fan from day one. Mike put on an amazing show any time he stepped in the ring. I had the privilege of watching him perform live twice, and both matches were “show stealers.” It is truly a shame that he has passed and whether it was from suicide-linked to post concussion syndrom effects such as dimentia or depression, or some other issues in life, it’s the fact that Mike left an impression on anyone whom ever had contact with him that matters must live on. Miss ya Mike, thanks for the memories. May God be with you.

  14. Ruben Rosario says:

    RIP Mike Awesome. Only God knows the troubles that brought you to this point, but I pray you have found God’s grace and peace regardless. You were the most amazing 300-pound high-flyer of all time. It is sad that because of the way the wrestling industry continues to be run your true talent will never be recognized by the masses . . . no chance WWE will ever put together a DVD of all your best ECW matches (and to a lesser extent WCW and WWF stints). I have worn out my old ECW VHS tape! At least we have your swan song at ECW One Night Stand . . .

  15. Randy Rood says:

    cant believe it. He reminded me of a younger roddy pipper, but larger and more extreme.He will be right up there now with Rick Rude, Curt Henning, Canadian crippler,texas tornado, brian pillman,hawk,ect, right now I can see Mike being welcomed with his fallen comrades.

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