Mike Bibby’s Popularity At H.S. Hoops Game Rivals That Of His Celtics Tenure

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Shadow Mountain H.S.(AZ) freshman G Michael Bibby is shadowed by the legacies of grandfather Henry and dad Mike, though perhaps the latter would be easier to ignore if he wasn’t getting thrown out of gymnasiums. ABC 15.com’s Paul Calvisi sees little difference between reporting on the event and providing some editorial commentary :

As usual, Bibby was in the stands for this sectional game. He was arguing with the refs until he was forced to leave with a police escort, thereby creating quite the memorable moment – for all the wrong reasons.

Our free advice? During games, Mike Bibby should act just like his #10 jersey that hangs on the wall of the Shadow Mountain gymnasium. Not make a sound. Simply watch. Be the strong silent type of parental unit.

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