Mike Stanton Sucks Up A Storm For Tim Cook’s Entertainment

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Dodgers 4, Giants 3

Shortly before SF’s Mike Stanton made a 9th inning hash of Noah Lowry’s competent work, allowing a pinch-hit single to the Dodgers’ Olmedo Saenz, followed by a run-scoring wild pitch, Tim Cook made use of modern technology to file the following reports from San Francisco.

I wound up with seats to see the Dodgers/Giants dustup at AT&T Park (currently 1-0 Giants, T4 1 on, 2 out w/ Lt. Dangle up). Anyway, for some unknown reason, I can’t take my eye off this human obstruction, my section’s usher lady.

Bottom 6th, 3-0 on Randy Winn’s first good at bat in a month, singling
home Eliazer Alfonzo. Winn just doubled off Aaron Sele to start the current frame.

Plus, I made a new friend!

2 responses to “Mike Stanton Sucks Up A Storm For Tim Cook’s Entertainment”

  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    Much anguish in Philly over the Giants losing this game. With the Phillies being 2 games behind both LA and SD, its come down to clinging to a hope that the Phillies can take their next two games and a combination of either Cain/Schmidt
    and/or Sultan of Sloth/Webb can facilitate a tie and a one-game playoff in Philly where Hamels gets the start. In the end, I would hope either of these teams either lose out or win out as it would be a shame if the Phillies landed one game out due to the blown call on Chase Utleys phantom HR (although again, the Phillies should have taken care of business in DC this week).

  2. Timothy Cook says:

    I still don’t know why Mike Sweeney didn’t come home on Vizquel’s foul out to left in the bottom of the 9th… Or whoever that was, usher lady obscured my view.

    If it’s any consolation to you, Chuck, Keifer Sutherland (and numerous other Dodger fans) left the game during the 7th inning stretch. So even if you can’t experience the thrill of a playoff clincher, well, neither did they. First hand, anyway.

    So, go Phillies! (love to see the non-evil version of Tom Glavine, Jamie Moyer, get a playoff start)

    Also, Go Carole Keeton Strayhorn! (would love to see CSTB bring about real political change in Austin !)

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