Miss Hockey Already?

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It seems a little odd, and possibly unprecedented, for the Stanley Cup to be decided prior to the Calder (AHL) and the Kelly (ECHL). So if you really love the sport (and aren’t in a Montana RV park with too-slow Wi-Fi), break out your VGA cable and head over to B2 Live TV for tonight’s Game 6 between the Cincinnati Cyclones and the Las Vegas Wranglers. The Cyclones are at home, and lead the series 3-2.

Less compelling is tomorrow’s AHL game between Chicago and Wilkes-Barre Scranton, unless you’re someone who would like to see another squad of Penguins lose another final (the Wolves are currently up 3-0).

I may yet weigh in on the Red Wings later, though their triumph has already been displaced by this as Canada’s top story:

The Hockey Night in Canada theme song will be shut out next season, according to the composer of the song.

The agreement between the CBC and the composer, Dolores Claman, expired last night when the last game of the 2007-’08 season was played, according to the website, hockeytheme.com.

According to the site, the CBC has advisted Claman that the contract will not be renewed and the broadcaster has chosen to move in a new direction.

The CBC was paying about $500 for each game broadcast using the anthem. The renewal offer was “virtually identical,” according to the site.

“I am saddened by the decision of the CBC to drop the Hockey Night in Canada Theme after our lengthy history together,” Claman said. “I nevertheless respect its right to move in a new direction.”

The composition was written by Claman in 1968 and has become one of the longest running theme songs in broadcasting history, sometimes refered to as “Canada’s second national anthem.”

I nominate Pas Chic Chic as replacements.

7 responses to “Miss Hockey Already?”

  1. Dalke Geedz says:

    Claman recently asked five figures from a small Canadian film production for the use of the HNIC theme. And not even for the recording — the producers only wanted the actors to be able to hum the damn song!

    Claman said he wanted to protect the integrity of the song, citing that crap about it being the second national anthem. And now that the CBC has bailed on him — once the money runs out — he might change his tune.

    And I nominate “Proud to be a Canadian” by the Dayglo Abortions…

  2. Dalke Geedz says:

    And — oh yeah — my bad throwing Claman under the bus. Not only is he a she — but it was John Ciccone who negotiates those deals. (Not the composer — I’m sure she’s a fine lady…)

  3. David Roth says:

    I do two posts and you do three? That’s how it’s going to be, Cohen? Look, that’s all well and good, but I was covering how shitty the Royals are for this site back when you…presumably had a better job than me. I should probably delete all that.

  4. Eric B says:

    The article fails to mention that Claman sued the CBC for two million “loonies” back in 2004. In light of that, their reluctance to do business with her is somewhat unsurprising.

  5. Jason Cohen says:

    Just two from me David – you sold Sebastian short! Though I am a huge fan of Sami Kapanen.

  6. Sebastian says:

    I can see that my mouse-over driven writing style is making an impression on my peers.

  7. David Roth says:

    My bad, Sebastian. I’ll blame the fact that I periodically get a gray box over large blocks of text when viewing CSTB stuff on Firefox for my oversight. I saw that it was about hockey, and figured it had to be Jason. Lord knows it’s not ever going to be by me.

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