MLB Advanced Media : Xenophobe Sympathizers, Or Just Deperate For Cash?

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With the New York Knicks’ 2011-12 abbreviated season coming to a crashing halt last night in Miami and the Rangers having a tough time in Washington, I found some unlikely relief in the form of the overachieving Mets completing a rare road sweep of the Phillies.  While the CSTB HQ jumbotron was tuned to playoff hoops and hockey, I attempted to watch the Mets/Phillies tilt via MLB.TV, an effort that would’ve been thoroughly rewarding, were it not for Texas  Senate hopeful David Dewhurst (R) running some dozen or more commercials during the webcast.

It’s nice to know that MLB Advanced Media can send messages of extreme hate fuckery into my home given they know my viewing location, but Dewhurst’s crazed attack ads aimed at rival Ted Cruz combine faux patriotism with production values somewhere south of a Tim & Eric clip.   Ted Cruz, you see, isn’t merely a politician.  He’s A LAWYER.   A lawyer that represents a Chinese company who have STOLEN “things” from “an American Manufacturer”.  Never mind that everyone is entitled to the best legal representation they can find,  THESE PEOPLE ARE CHINESE.

I’ve read more than once that MLB Advanced Media is wildly profitable and ranks as one of Bud Selig’s undisputed triumphs. I’ve yet to read however, who exactly Bud won’t take money from, presumably because the list is so very short.

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  1. The MLB.TV ads are the worst thing about baseball. There are never more than 4 and they loop themselves in to a grating, repetitive clatter. A hundred bucks a year so that I can listen to the same Yahoo Sports ad between EVERY SINGLE INNING?
    I, for one, go out of my way to avoid products advertised on MLB.TV. They’re infecting my baseball.

  2. American mfg'r Jordan Fishclothes says:

    Actually these all remind me of the Mr. Show “Harrison Greeley III” sketch

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