MLB Suspends Someone We’ve Heard Of : Raffy Busted

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(Big Mac, Palmeiro and Curt contemplate whether or not this nullifies Raffy’s Pfizer contract)

(UPDATE : Our Fearless Leader, for one, believes that Rafael Palmeiro has accidently-used-something-bad.

The Houston Chronicle’s Richard Justice, appearing on PTI this afternoon, said that a player would have to be “a complete idiot” to knowlingly ingest, apply or inject a questionable substance at this point. Presumably, you’d have to be an even bigger idiot to believe the excuse.

In a completely unrelated story, Jason Giambi hit 14 home runs last month.)

5 responses to “MLB Suspends Someone We’ve Heard Of : Raffy Busted”

  1. High Cheese says:

    This is as close to heartbreak as I’m going to feel today. Listening to WFAN, or any other jerks talk about how Raffy isn’t a hall of famer because he was never an MVP, or a World Series Champ for the past several months, I could do nothing but laugh at the idea that Winfield, Murray, Kaline and Ott were all OK – but there was something wrong with Palmeiro.

    It’s not news that Palmeiro, the eligible bachelor in Detroit, Sheffield, or Bonds took steriods. But it is news that anyone of them would be dumb enough to continue taking them now. Jeez, this is sad – because now they’ll all have enough proof to keep him out.

  2. CSTB says:

    given that so many guys are claiming they haven’t “knowingly” taken a banned substance (Raffy, Rincon, etc.) perhaps MLB, when announcing these suspensions, can tell us EXACTLY what the offending substance was?

  3. Tim Adams says:

    I’m thinking that Sammy Sosa set him up to take the heat off of him. Anything that might help explain “the Gladiator”‘s prodigious dropoff in production this year.

  4. Randy says:

    I don’t know about Pudge being an eligible bachelor, as his wife is the one that is said to have driven the wedge between him and Juan Gone by insisting that he speak English at all times.

  5. CSTB says:

    Mr. & Mrs. I-Rod have parted ways. CSTB’s coverage of this tragic split is familiar to regular readers, as well as those who have trouble going to the bathroom.

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