Mora Jr. Officially Free To Pursue University Of Washington Job

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Layoffs?  From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Steve “Don’t Call Me Sam” Wyche.

Falcons coach Jim Mora was fired today ” New Year’s Day ” as team owner Arthur Blank deemed the direction of the team needed to be changed.

Mora’s three-year tenure ended with a tumultuous three-game losing streak that brought his overall record to 26-22. Mora is the second coach in the franchise’s 41-year history to be fired with a winning record.

Off the field, Mora hurt himself when he insulted former Falcons’ offensive linemen Jeff Van Note and Mike Kenn last season, claiming their willingness to talk to the media – unlike his linemen – did not help them pull most of their teams out of their losing ways. In a radio interview three weeks ago, said he would leave his current job to coach at the University of Washington, his alma mater.

Those prompted damage control by the franchise and angered Blank, especially the recent radio interview in which Mora said he was joking.

Possible replacements could include: Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator, Norm Chow; University of Louisville coach Bobby Petrino; Jim Caldwell, assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach Indianapolis; Ron Rivera, defensive coordinator, Bears; Cam Cameron, offensive coordinator, Chargers; Mike Tomlin, defensive coordinator, Vikings; Mike Singletary, assistant head coach, LB coach, 49ers; Ken Whisenhunt, offensive coordinator, Steelers; Steve Mariucci, former Lions, 49ers head coach and University of Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz.

When and if Nick Saban finally gives up the charade and allows the Crimson Tide to give him more money than God, I suspect Mora will be on the Dolphins’ shortlist of coaching candidates.

The same, however, cannot be said of Denny Green, whose firing in Arizona today will come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

3 responses to “Mora Jr. Officially Free To Pursue University Of Washington Job”

  1. Josh says:

    No way Saban goes. He’s better off leaving on a higher note next year or the year after, when better college jobs that Alabama’s might be open (Penn St, FSU?). i still think Saban is one of the better coaches in the league. I have no idea what the hell they will do at QB next year. So few good FA Qb’s hit the market, but they couldn’t possibly go into camp with Culpepper as a starter, could they?

    And if by chance Saban does go, it won’t be Mora. I think they’ll consider Schwartz the DC from the Titans or maybe Dom Capers.

  2. GC says:

    you’ve got inside info on Paterno and/or Bowden dying?

    re : Fins QB. I think Brett Favre is a free agent next year. Sorry, you said _good_ FA QB’s.

  3. Coach Bobby's Colon says:

    We won’t make it past next bowl season. Too many rib-eyes.

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