Move Over, Channing Frye : India’s Pitching Hopefuls Are Tops In Blogging Absurdity

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Is Pittsburgh’s signing of reality TV contestants Dinesh Patel and Rinku Signh (above) a cheap stunt or is it, in the words of Bleacher Report’s Josh Lipman “an unprecedented act of progressivism”? I don’t know nearly enough about the subcontinental pair to judge, but if their early blogging efforts are anything to go by, Spring Training should be a blast (link culled from Baseball Think Factory)

Nov. 10 :

We went with JB sir to breakfast at a great American breakfast eatery called  Dennys.  Rinku ordered a breakfast called the Lumberjack.  We now know that a Lumberjack is a person who works as a tree cutter in the forrest so they must eat a lot of food.  this breakfast was quite huge.  It had eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, potatos, breads, and pancakes.   I had French Toast and both meals were very fulfilling.

We then went to a movie that was very bad called Rock and Rolla.  it was supposed to be big action, but it was no action at all.  At least the seats were very comfortable and the theater was very clean.

Nov. 1 :

We first got our hair cut today.  I am not very happy with this result.

Next we went to the USC Footbal Game.  We walked along campus and everyone was set up outsdoors with booths for food and selling USC items.  many people who have graduated from USC apparently now come back to eat outside along this route, but we do  not understand why.

The American Football players are so big and have such huge muscles you would not even believe it.  Each time they hit each other we are told it is like being in a car accident.  These men hit each other many times per match.  praise Allah that we have won a baseball contest and a not a football one.  i don™t think we could even take a hitting once.

7 responses to “Move Over, Channing Frye : India’s Pitching Hopefuls Are Tops In Blogging Absurdity”

  1. Chuck Meehan says:

    entry for May 15, 2011:

    I pitched in Philadelphia last night and the game was not too good for me. Ryan Howard sir hit one of the pitches I threw him and the ball flew out of the park. The internet said the ball flew 525 feet . The fans in Philadelphia were good to me as when my manager took me out of the game they gave me the nickname “Dot” and said that I was good enough to manage a 7-11 which is a famous chain of stores that has stores all across America.

  2. Dan says:

    Chuck, you think Ryan Howard sir will still be playing on the Phillies in 2011?

  3. Chuck Meehan says:

    Good question Dan. There hasnt been much talk about Ryan Howards contract situation as of late and 2010 will be his last season before free agency. I would hope that the Phillies show him the money and give him a deal that would go a season or two into free agency. There are a few problems with his game such as defense, slow starts and Ks that should not happen, but he has proven that he delivers down the stretch and has been a key component that is good for 40+ HRS/130+ RBIs a season. He is 28 now, so I think a generous 3 year + 1 year option would be fair and by the end of said deal he would likely be suited for AL DH.

  4. Rog says:

    Looks like the guy who was posting as Shaq on Twitter found a new outlet for his creativity. Praise Allah? I’m not so sure a practicing Muslim from another country would participate in pro U.S. sports, and if I were trying to mock a couple of Indian guys I probably wouldn’t assume they were Muslim, either. And I doubt that Dennys is Halal-worthy but then again I haven’t eaten there in a long time. NYC has one million Dunkin Donuts but not one single Dennys.

  5. Dan says:

    Well, as one of the few Hindi-speaking Phillies fans out there, I’d be enthusiastic about most of the elements of your scenario coming trouble, with the exception of the predictably xenophobic response by a coterie of ignorant fans. After all, I did hear a caller, without reprimand, refer to Tad Iguchi as “poo poo platter” on WIP at some point this season. Ugh.

  6. Chuck Meehan says:

    Dan, are you sure the caller wasnt referring to So Taguchi (who was pretty much useless except for 1 game winning hit vs the Mets) ? Tadahito was in pretty good graces for the stellar fill-in job he did for Utley when he went on the DL in 2007 and may come in handy if Utz isnt ready to go in April.

  7. Dan says:

    That’s what was striking, Chuck. If he was referring to So, the ignorant remark might be more understandable, while still certainly inexcusable. But I believe this was a inquiry about whether Iguchi would be eligible for the post season roster. (Answer, no.)

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