M’s Skipper : Bush League Umps Are Screwing Bradley

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It took a small amount of restraint on my part not to run with a headline of “TICKING TIMEBOMB UPDATE”, and perhaps that’s just as well, as Seattle manager Don Wakamatsu alleges newly acquired OF/DH Milton Bradley is being held to an impossible standard this exhibition season. As the Seattle Times’ Geoff Baker, explains Bradley was given the heave-ho by minor league umpire John Merry¬† in the 4th inning of last night’s 6-2 loss to the Reds.

“To me, it’s almost like a witch hunt,” Wakamatsu said. “I mean, it’s almost embarassing to me when egos get involved to the point where they don’t even give a guy a chance.”

Merry ejected Bradley for arguing a fourth-inning strikeout call on a full-count pitch that seemed high. Wakamatsu admitted that Bradley did say something to Merry as he walked back to the dugout — he couldn’t tell what — but added that the umpire’s trigger was too quick.

“Again, I think it’s pretty blatant that some guys have it out for him.”

Wakamatsu rarely gets this critical of an umpire — at least in public. This is the second time in a row that Bradley has been ejected by a AAA umpire. Last time, two nights ago, he didn’t even say anything, but was tossed for dropping his bat and peeling off his gloves, thinking there were three outs in the inning instead of two.

Tonight, he clearly said something. Guys do get tossed for that. But yeah, Bradley’s reputation probably isn’t helping

15 responses to “M’s Skipper : Bush League Umps Are Screwing Bradley”

  1. jeff sneddon says:

    bradley is a total ass he should not even be in baseball, maybe he should head butt this idiot manager.

  2. robert stevens says:

    when you are always crying wolf this is what happens to you also when you think the whole world is out to get you you are usually wrong .

  3. bobby stevens says:

    this guy has always been a nut case . just like albert bell was these two guysare mad at the world for whatever reason .

  4. R. Abbott says:

    This Don Wakamatsu is just as clueless as “MB”. Well we know now the Mariners, am glad though that they are just as much idots as the Cubs.

  5. T.Journot says:

    This R.Abbott must not know much about baseball if he does not know who Don Wakamatsu is. I think standing up for his player is what a manager should do!

  6. LeftArrow says:

    Wow whats with all the hate? People seriously chill out. Wakamtsu does a great job, and from everything I heard reporters say the pitch was high, but thats not the point. Seattle traded Milton Bradley for a terrible pitcher, I’d much rather have Milton Bradley on my team than Carlos Silva.

    And how can you call Wakamtsu an idiot? Does the coach make trades now these days? Plus the guy helped turn around a very crappy 2008 team into a surprisingly good 2009 team

  7. Tim says:

    Wak is not clueless nor an idiot and is a good MLB manager. Spend some time to learn how the team operates before you make such comments.

  8. dan says:

    Since MB has a reputation of being stupid with the umps he can’t expect an inch of slack. He will either get it and make the badly needed adjustments or his new nick name will be “dump”. The ump crews simply will not put up with it. And with things being where they are already this early in the season with him he should clearly see the hand writing on the wall – or make that tunnel.

    Signed, former blue

  9. D'Onofrio says:

    Ahhhh…And the hate continues…Milton Bradley is one player, who has had problems in the past…We are all aware…Grudges are stupid…Umps get over it…Wait for a CURRENT issue, then act accordingly…Imagine if players treated umpires based on all their bad calls…What gives…Let’s play and watch in the present, and keep out of the past…Go Wak, Go Bradley, and GO M’s!!! Mir over Carwin at UFC 111…

  10. Jim Patrick says:

    The problem could be that the umps are suffering from a case of “rabbit ears”. They hear everything and get offended by it. Everyone needs to take a breath and let it go.

  11. barry says:

    bradley is a moron.he has had trouble wherever he has played.how teams keep trading for this idiot is beyond me.

  12. BB says:

    He has not had trouble everywhere he went. He had great years with the Rangers and Padres. The guy wears his emotions on his sleeve and plays with intensity. Sometimes you are going to rub people the wrong way.

    That said, the first ejection was uncalled for and Wak was right to stand up for his player. The second, who knows. Milton and the ump, that’s it.

    I think Wak is right, it is kind of a witch-hunt. The umps know his rep and did not cut him any slack. I am a teacher and I do the same with students I teach who have a history of poor behavioral choices. Do they sometimes get harsher penalties then they deserved for the specific instance? Sure, sometimes. Is it wrong? Depends on the reasoning for the penalty. Should they get some slack sometimes? Sure, if they have shown that they deserve it.

    Give Milton a chance. He’s in a new environment and has another chance to prove himself. New team mates. New coaches. New city. New start. And if it doesn’t work, I’ll wager it will still be a better option than Carlos Silva. (Whom I liked, but not in Seattle, and not for the contract they gave him. Decent pitcher that just wasn’t a good fit for Seattle.)

  13. mdlmanrn says:

    Bradley is trash. Was in the past, is in the present. No excuse for bad behaviour and disrespect. No room for it in A GAME. Granted it got rid of Silva, but Bradley is another Carl Everet. He will be gone before the deadline, released outright. How do teams and fans continue to allow trash like this to get paid these amounts of money for marginal play and pathetic behaviour. Burn the bum. Umpires are right.

  14. Joel says:

    Hopefully a few early wins and a great clubhouse comaraderie will bring Bradley around.

    Go M’s!

  15. Dvossjr says:

    I don’t understand why even in the cactus league which doesn’t hav anything to do with the regular season there is so much negative commenting going on. Milton has the chance to make the difference for the mariners and for Mak. I think that people can change and in the right enviroment he will get the chance to show that he can change and be an assest to the mariners team. The other thing is that the put downs made against Mak are not justified, he has done alot to turn the mariners around last year and get a winning season where others would have given up. I think that the mariners have a great team and a great manager; and if the team stays healthy this year we probably see another winning season out of these players. Go Mariners!

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