Mushnick Vs. Michael Kay : Please Let Them Settle This On The Street

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Short of following the recent Milton Bradley / Lt. Dangle spat, I’m not sure there could be a dispute more difficult from which to choose sides than the Phil Mushnick / Michael Kay war of words. From the former’s NY Post column on Friday :

Jorge Posada batted in the fourth inning Monday, Michael Kay, calling the game on YES, grew indignant.

Posada, the previous game, Kay told us, had a ground-rule double, his 1,000th career hit. But ” and get this, folks ” the fan who caught the ball wanted $20,000 for it. Imagine! Kay mocked the greedy creep, told how Posada essentially told the guy to take a hike and made other what has the sports world come to? noises.

Kay even cracked that the “fan” should try his luck on e-Bay.

“Now,” said Kay, as if Aesop, on his deathbed, had beseeched Kay to carry on, “he’s got a baseball worth $8.”

Yeah, what a jerk.

In December, you might recall, Kay, on his ESPN Radio show, advertised and endorsed an autograph session that would star Alex Rodriguez and that paramount of baseball virtue, Barry Bonds. Kay also seemed mighty proud of the fact that he had been selected ” hired ” to host that session. And the cost of admission was only $7,500 per person.

And when Kay took heat in this column for lending (leasing) his name, presence and reputation to such a pig roast, he didn’t take it well. He hollered that he was comfortable with his decision and loudly rationalized that the Rodriguez/Bonds gig would pay him more for one night’s work than sportswriters “make in a week!

We made the point then; we’ll make it again. You can’t hop on the greed train, then make believe it was an accident, that you tripped and fell up a flight of stairs.

When Kay accepted that ugly gig ” and he had enthusiastically voiced commercials for high-priced autographed stuff prior to that ” he painted himself in. For whatever his financial take, it wasn’t worth it; there would be too many times when he’d either have to ignore the tidal wave of greed ” and no credible sports commentator would do that ” or grow inured to his hypocrisy.

Some creep held Jorge Posada’s 1,000th hit baseball ” an $8 ball ” for ransom? The nerve!

Muschnick’s online entries, once the home of Google ads for ticket touts and “nutritional supplements”, now feature banner ads for Stephen A. Smith’s “Quite Frankly”.

10 responses to “Mushnick Vs. Michael Kay : Please Let Them Settle This On The Street”

  1. donda says:

    michael kay is the worst thing to happen to the yankees I have trouble getting through the games that smug MFer calls. yes should get rid of him

  2. ecruz says:

    I agree!!! I thought I was the only one. The way he calls Yankee games sound forced and unnatural. The only thing that sounds good is the SEE YA!!!! When someone hits a home run….other than that he’s boring……He sounds like you know what??????……LIKE THE YANKEES SIGN HIS PAYCHECK……….

  3. Kev says:

    Believe me, you’re not alone in thinking Michael Kay sucks. Major League Baseball’s TV sportcasters have gotten worse and worse over the years, across ESPN, FOX, and YES. There oughta be an award for worst TV sportscaster and Tim McCarver, Joe Morgan and Michael Kay could just rotate the award between themselves every year.

  4. steve says:

    kay is a jerk, ad tha kidshpuld askfor wat he wants, just likeka ak r w he wants. all kay does is praise the yankees, i cant sand him, he is the type of guy that probably got beat up in high school, the big dope.

  5. steve says:

    kay is a jerk, the kid should ask any price he wantd for the ball. posada made sure he signed a nice contrat. and what would 20,000 do to posada, yet it woud have probably paid alot of that guys bills off. kay should shut up, kay also probably got beat up in school the big dope

  6. Michael Kay is the absolute worst announcer to ever do the job. The questions he asks the other commentators are so f’ing stupid I cannot stand it!!!!! Al Leiter even gets frustrated with him. I have trouble getting thru the game. He says the same things game after game after game. How in the world did he get that job?? I wish I could watch the game and listen to the radio, however there is to much of a delay. His stupid big fat head drives me to the roof. I find myself not paying attention to the game because I’m always yelling “shut the hell up”! I’m going to have to tell the YES network if they don’t can this guy I’m done watching. It’s almost to that point.

  7. alex says:

    His “see ya” is the most asinine home run call I have ever heard – it ruins the happy feelings I get when a Yankee hits a homer – I have to brace myself so I don’t totally ruin the moment. He reminds me of the high school nerd that everyone beat up – now that he has a forum everyone has to listen to his little swipes and inane banter. Let him write a column or something – take him off the air

  8. MJ says:

    Bottom line, is this guy is a Uber-brown noser., Somehow his uncle Danny Aiell got him in the front door, and because of ability to suck up to Yankee management he’s become a “fixture”. Kay has his big head buried in stats, contracts, and is a classic master of the obvious.

    In short, when the fixtures in my house don’t work, I try and move quickly to replace them.

    George….you’re the only guy rightly, or wrongly. that has a pair.

    Please stop the torture

  9. b carlton says:

    kay is a mean spirited bastard. he seems to live in a world that negates race as an issue.
    but then again isn’t espn part of abc-related to 77 abc =rush the right wing hipo-turd.

  10. Kay diminishes the Yankee name. This dolt has no clue what the game is about if it weren’t for the former players who he leans on for knowledge. Why do Paully, Flash, Ken, Coney continue to carry this clown? Tonight was the tipping point. He goes on and on about the “humidor” in Denver. Has he ever had a male moment where he actually smoked a cigar?!! He proclaims with certainty that the “humidor” in Denver takes the moisture out of the balls due to the high altitude. He is a moron! Any real man or even a women would know that a humidor adds humidity to keep cigars fresh. He is a girl scout and knows nothing other than how to feed that potato head on his neck.

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