N8’s Apology

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Is it asking too much to say “sorry” to J.R. Smith?  The Knicks’ diminutive Nate Robinson (above, left), perhaps the only professional blogger with less to say than Will Leitch David Wright, offers a public mea culpa.

I want to apologize to the fans, my family, the Knicks organization and the NBA for my part in last Saturday™s altercation during our game against the Denver Nuggets.

The first thing I thought about afterward was the fans, especially the kids. I just felt terrible that they had to see something like that.

During my suspension, I will practice every day with the team in an effort to improve my game.

Unfortunately I won’t be allowed to go to the arena. And with a 10-game suspension, that takes me right up to the game in my hometown of Seattle on Jan. 5. So it is very disappointing that I won’t be able to play in my hometown.

Nonetheless, I accept full responsibility for my actions and for letting the situation get out of hand. I was trying to help my teammate and in doing so I reacted inappropriately.

I am embarrassed by and truly sorry for my behavior, and I promise I will learn from my mistake.

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  1. Hot Shit College Student says:

    “I will practice every day with the team in an effort to improve my game.”

    Does Zeke make N8 write that 100x on loose leaf paper after every game?

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