Nats Fans Send Former Moonie Scribe To Summer Camp Spring Training

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And you thought Wyclef was a fund-raising mastermind.  Former Washington Times beat reporter turned blogger Mark Zuckerman recently asked his readers to cough up funds to send him to Nats’ spring training.  In a week, Zuckerman successfully raised more than double the $5K, which is either a wonderful commentary on the public’s thirst for quality journalism or a sign of dangerously misplaced priorities.  I’m personally opting for the former, particularly as I will soon be asking CSTB readers to deep dig to send me to one of two special events on the upcoming calendar.

2 responses to “Nats Fans Send Former Moonie Scribe To Summer Camp Spring Training”

  1. Bez says:

    What, already paid for your Dave Matthews Band tickets at Citi Field in July?

  2. Pete Segall says:

    I think Chico Harlan used Amazon donations to get the WaPo to transfer him from the Nats to the Toyko desk.

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