Nats Go Transaction Crazy

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New Orleans starter Sun-Woo Kim was called up to DC and lefty reliever C.J. Nitkowski (above), just released by the Pirates, was signed by the Nationals today, both part of 9 players worth of roster moves in the wake of Washington being swept by the Reds.

No word yet on whether or not massage chairs have been banned from the RFK clubhouse, though with 16 players currently on the DL, maybe the Nationals might need to exchange trade one for an extra whirpool.

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  1. David Roth says:

    Congratulations on his twenty-first personalized MLB jersey to Queens’ own CJ Nitkowski, the first (and only) baseball player ever to do anything even close to blogging — his website was a great source of information for goofy player’s-eye dirt during the mid-to-late ’90s, when Ceej used to write little entries and talk about the chain restaurants and golf courses of different MLB cities. The site is still up, but it’s now a much better source for information on Nitkowski’s new born-again Christianity. His thoughts on the steroid issue are still up there, though, and his review of Chili’s in Houston is a timeless piece of baseballiana.

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