New Mexico’s Liz Lambert – The New Face Of Women’s College Athletics

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If you’re wondering what could possibly cause women’s collegiate soccer highlights to receive more airtime on the overnight “SportsCenter” than the MLS playofs, consider the unique approach of New Mexico defender Elizabeth Lambert, who might well become the female equivalent of LeGarrette Blount by noon Friday.  You can add my voice to the chorus calling for a suspension —- preferably of the blind person employed by the Mountain West Conference to referee this match.

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  1. Seitz says:

    When I was about 13 and playing AYSO, we used to scrimmage against a girls team once in a while. They were, without a doubt, far dirtier and more physical than the boys teams we played against. And it was made worse by the fact that we couldn’t hit back.

    But in this one, it looked like the BYU girls thought they’d get away with some cheap shots. This girl was just giving it back to them.

  2. Tim M. says:

    You know, I missed the chick pulling on her shorts before she yanked her hair.

  3. ben schwartz says:

    Title IX or title bout?

  4. anon says:

    She should have been tossed…1 yellow for the ugly challenge and the 2nd for the ball of the face.

    Not to mention the hair pull….do they use the 2 ref system in college or are they just completely blind?

  5. Shelly says:

    Liz Lanbert is NOT the new face of women’s athletics! There is something wrong w/ her and I don’t think other athletes w/ any level of sportsmanship will stoop to her level. What a horrible person. soccer is not about that kind of behavior. I am very dissapointed that no diciplinary action was taken at that time. The officials should have some dicipline against them for allowing this. Yes, the game can get rough while playing but this was flat out assault for no reason. She ought to be ashamed at the person she is chosing to be. She is not a respectable athlete.

  6. Bill says:

    My daughter wants a piece of her….she lives to beat bullies down!

  7. Seitz says:

    Well, it wasn’t really “for no reason”, Shelly. The first BYU girl tried to give her a quick little elbow to the chest real sneaky-like before Lambert punched her, and the hair pull girl was grabbing her shorts. I’m not going to defend the challenges and the ball to the face, but I’m guessing there were probably more than just the two cheap shots directed toward her that we saw which probably set her off. Call it what you want, but the BYU girls are no angels, and if you mess with the bull….

  8. carly levine says:

    liz lambert come find me and i will kick your ass !! you cant get away with that .. you have more testostereome then any man i have ever seen in my 18 years. you give women athletes a bad name, i would love to get a piece of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jerry says:

    Liz Lambert’s retaliation was excessive but it is clearly retaliation. If BYU had any class they follow the example of New Mexico and suspend #21 and #7 for their sneaky cheating. If the referees are going to allow cheating why not retaliate? If you intend to retaliate you might as well make ti count.

  10. c mussa says:

    Elizabeth Lambert needs to be expelled. Her playing tactics at the BYU soccer game are inexusable. Her apology is also insincere and was obviously written for her. This girl has anger management issues and repressed emotions that should be addressed with psychotherapy. I hope the school sends the right message that such actions will not be tolerated and will not be superceded by any “athletic prowess” that she may contribute to the school’s winning soccer record!

  11. tommy boy says:

    Good solid defense!! She needs to refine her suble skills a bit more, but certainly on her way, conrats!

  12. Ben Schwartz says:

    Have any of the Lambert defenders here seen uncut video? I have not, but the TV report on her was about her behavior. I assumed this is because those who saw the whole game fault her, whereas in the clips, you can’t judge what happened leading up to the physical stuff. That is, all we’re seeing is the incident, not verbal provocation, or a player — having seen what she’s capable of with other players — pushing her back when she crowds them. There’s clearly a lot more going on that we’re being shown in 30 seconds of LL going off, but she’s definitely got a career ahead of her in reality tv.


  13. Soccer Mom says:

    Mountain West Conference – Show what the conference stands for and expel this poor excuse for an athlete permanently. If another conference wants to accept her in a year, let them. There are more problems inside this “mean chick” and this is just the tip of the ice berg with her. Make a statement, if you loose your self control, YOU’RE DONE. What a beast she is. Her home life must have been pretty rough too. You don’t have this level of revenge in you without having learned from those around you. The apology and suspension are not enough. SHE SHOULD SIMPLY BE DONE. I’ll bet Nancy Pelosi is her aunt.

  14. MGJ says:

    That Lambert is a NO CLASS ACT… I suggest someone check her for an X chromosome. also check her for roid abuse. Aggressive play is one thing but this girl is a mugger. No reason to use a cannon on someone that hit you with a spit wad. Her suspension is immanent.

  15. MGJ says:

    I just read that Lambert has been suspended indefinitely by the coach at UNM. I think they should also yank her scholarship and give it to someone that has little bit of self control.

  16. Shannon says:

    Half of you people are annoying to hear your petty comments, and bill youre a moron with the whole my daughter lives to beat down bullies! And as for being ashamed?! BYU is a joke they are supposed to be some god loving school there is nothing but dirty players on that team and unm wasnt going to be bullied! seems to me like BYU can dish it but not take it? Typical pathetic behavior. Suck it up and open a bible and ask god to forgive her and make her a better person! YA RIGHT she punked BYU and they still cant get over it along with all liz’s haters! ahhahaha

  17. ryan brown says:


    to answer your question, no they do not use a two ref system in college nor were the referees blind.

    it’s my understanding that they used the Big Ten replay officials to patrol this match.

  18. Lee says:

    BYE BYE, LIZ! In my opinion Liz Lambert of New Mexico should be permanently kicked off the New Mexico soccer team and suspended from any play in the NCAA for the rest of her college days. If she has any athletic scholarships they should be revoked immediately. There needs to be a clear message sent about this kind of unsportsmanlike beat down by Liz Lambert. This went well beyond rough play and the university better decide they are going to handle this with harsh reality coming down on this woman. Ms. Lambert has some serious personal issues. Her behavior was deplorable and an embarrassment to dedicated soccer players everywhere that win the game without purposely smacking, punching, tripping and throwing people down to the ground by their hair. I can only imagine what her trash talk was like on that field. Now, this cannot be the first time Ms. Lambert has exhibited this extremely inappropriate aggressive behavior. If this were my daughter I would be ashamed of her, but perhaps the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Get rid of her. Send her to mandatory counseling. She should NOT play again. And shame on the coaches and refs for allowing this thug to play in the game. The coach and ref should be fired and fined.

  19. Stace says:

    You guys are blind if you think that was just retaliation. The girl grabbing Elizabeth’s shorts was the one getting retaliation after Elizabeth purposefully sat on her in the play before. It’s pretty obvious that Elizabeth always takes her contact on the field up a notch even when in the middle of a play. I would bet that she had been beating on girls the whole game and the elbow and the shorts grab were evidence of BYU getting tired of it. Not to mention that there is no excuse for excalating the violence the way she did . . . tit for tat is one thing . . . punch in the face for a poke is another.

    I think I would check her grades and see if she is even smart enough to be playing on the team or if her teachers are just passing her so she can be eligible because they are being told to. You have to be extremely STUPID to yank a girl’s hair so hard she falls to the ground. If you want to keep the refs from seeing it, you have to be smart, iand t’s obvious she isn’t.

  20. tammy russo says:


    number 8 carly levine you dont even no what your talking about ! your cyber bullying and your an 18 yr old girl who sits on her couch and eats chicken wAngs all day and your an immature crude girl and i hope liz does find u and rips your pony tail out!

    number 14 MGJ i wish i could use my cannon on you . you f*&^

    number 18 BYE BYE LIZ? NAHHH BYE BYE LEE ! and you dont know her mamma so cut the sh*t you cow! DUMB B*&$#

  21. Maurader Soccer says:

    I would say two things…reminds me of my college days being a defender. This is a slighted edit of what really goes on during a game and the result of poor officiating be the refs not to control the game. I’ve been in the games like this and had to control them as a ref. Could have been easily avoided by having half able officiating. It is truely unfortunate that this woman is being the scapegoat for a poorly officiated game!! Last thing I’ll say; don’t judge if you have never laced up and played at that level you have no grounds from which to do so!!!!!!

  22. Ben Schwartz says:

    Just waiting for the first Liz Lambert is worse than Hitler comparison … and wtf’s wrong with chicken wings? I’m sick of chicken wings used as the measure of low ambition slob America. Some of us manage chicken wings and a well balanced, rewarding life.

  23. TTMICH says:

    I live in Detroit and, trust me, even Detroit ghettos do not fight as dirty as Liz Lambert. She is the lowest among the dirty players.

    Lambert must leave the school, or she will always a bad image for the school.

  24. Rod Johnson says:

    FREE LIZ LAMBERT!!! Female Athlete of the Year IMO.

    She dished out what she was gettin! Good for you Liz!!

  25. AL CREASMAN says:


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