Nightlife Alert : Titan Of Transgression Comes To Austin

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French performance artiste extraordiniare Jean Louis Costes will make a rare (?) Central Texas appearance tomorrow evening when he brings his patented brand of confrontation-tastic exhibtionary to the small stage of East Austin’s Scoot Inn (1308 E. 4th St.), Saturday evening, February 24.

Costes (shown above, making the scene in Memphis recently), a former collaborator of Lisa Carver, and a veteran of the Lydia Zamm star vehicle “Crack Kiss”, will be joined by Aunt’s Analog, Quebron, and a few other musicians I know zilch about so I’m hesistant to say “boo” , one way or another.  But the party should be getting started around 10pm, with admission a measly $5.

After the show, Jean Louis will preside over a roundtable discussion over whether or not the Wild Card has been a good or a bad thing for Major League Baseball.

3 responses to “Nightlife Alert : Titan Of Transgression Comes To Austin”

  1. Craig says:

    gross! thanks mane!

  2. Kong C says:

    gross! thanks dog!

  3. Christie says:

    At rapid city they made a huge uproar adn upset the whole town for a week… kevin the promoter for them claimed he didnt know they would be so graphic and appologized.. then later said he thought that rapidcity was not ready for the performance.. if it only takes a quick click on google to find this there is no excuse..

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