NLCS Game Four : If Carlos Delgado Never Pulls The Ball Again…

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Mets 5, Cardinals 2 (top of the 5th)

…it’s a-ok with me.

(UPDATE : Mets 11, Cards 3, top of the 6th.

I was thinking for a moment or two that Willie’s decision to let Perez hit for himself with the bases loaded and two out in the top of the 5th would go down as the blunder of the series, especially if the latter gave up any runs during the Cards’ subsequent at bat. And while Mr. Gritty-Spunky-Dirty-Uniform-Fundamentally Sound managed a solo HR to left, Perez responded by whiffing Prince Albert.

And in the top of the 6th…Oliver Perez is coming up again.

Did I neglect to mention 7 of the 8 hitters before Perez managed to reach base, 6 of ’em scoring? 3 on the The ‘Stache’s bases clearing double?

I’m don’t wanna say the St. Louis relief corps has been monumentally ineffective tonight, but I’m pretty sure I just saw Will Leitch warming up in the Cardinals bullpen.)

(UPDATE DOS : Mets 11, Cards 5, last of the 6th.

Jim Edmonds robbed Jose Reyes of a likely RBI triple with a fantastic over-the-bum-shoulder catch, running away from home plate in the top of the 6th. Moments later, Edmonds cracked a Oliver Perez groover over the centerfield wall, just past the outstretched glove of Carlos Beltran. Yadier Molina just hit a solo bomb of his own, and Perez is all done.

While there isn’t a Mets fan alive that wouldn’t take a 6 run lead with 10 outs to go, I’m at loss trying to figure how Perez was allowed to hit for a 4th time. Even the most delusional optimist figured the Jeckyl & Hyde act would shift over to Jeckyl if Perez was given enough rope. Perez stranded 4 runners over his last two at bats, and allowed an additional 3 runs in his final 1 2/3rds. I’m sure Willie Randolph knows what he’s doing, ie. watching the St. Louis bullpen get him and his starter off the hook).

(UPDATE III : THE RECKONING Mets 12, Cards 5, bottom of the 7th.

Beltran’s 3rd home run of the series and 2nd of the night extends the New York lead. Who says Tony La Russa is afraid to use Braden Looper in a crucial spot?

Your Greater St. Louis weather report for Monday, October 16 : ” Occasional rain and possibly a thunderstorm. High near 57. South wind between 10 and 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%.” Unlike Mr. Looper, I’m not a religious man, but if the baseball gods wanna give Tom Glavine an extra day of rest, by all means, go for it.

David Eckstein just reached first after being plunked by a Chad Bradford pitch that must’ve been travelling at a speed of at least 40 miles an hour. “I love him,” gushed Luis Gonzalez. “He does all the little things right.” Indeed, who amongst us is immune to the charms of the plucky, 101% giving David Eckstein? He’s like a modern day Pepper Martin with a Jewish-sounding last name. If Tony La Russa had 24 more guys just like him, doesn’t it stand to reason the Cardinals would go 162-0?)

5 responses to “NLCS Game Four : If Carlos Delgado Never Pulls The Ball Again…”

  1. Mike says:

    ” I’m at loss trying to figure how Perez was allowed to hit for a 4th time.”

    I believe they were up by 8 runs when Perez came up in the 6th. His pitch count wasnt that high either. Why take him out at that point? Tomorrow, Glavine on 3 days rest might need a lot of bullpen help. I dont mind that move at all.

    And yes, David “the-aryan-with-the-jewish-last-name” Eckstein is the greatest player ever in the history of ever. Runs out a walk better than Lou Brock.

  2. GC says:


    said 8 run lead turned into a 6 run lead awfully fast. while base hits in either of Perez’ last two at bats would’ve put at least two and as many as 4 more runs on the board for the Mets.

    If they do, in fact, play tomorrow, yes, Glavine might need a lot of help. But I wouldn’t have minded seeing Felicano, Mota or Bradford a bit earlier if Castro or Woodward had been given a shot to drive those runs in.

    between Glavine, Oliver and Perez, Willie really loves to see his pitchers swing the bat. I take your point, Mike, but my concern over an a 3 run or 8 run lead not being safe is mostly about the pitcher Randolph chose to leave in the game. I certainly can’t argue with the results.

    Glavine might end up with 4 days’ rest if the weather report is correct. But I dont expect Randolph to predict the weather — it’s giving up an automatic out when there’s a chance to stomp on La Russa’s neck that I found curious.

  3. Sean says:

    Only problem with the whole rainout concept is the inevitability of Carpenter in St. Louis is Game 5. Take a look at his home numbers, they’re better than ‘Walter Johnson’ Suppan’s.

    Also, should David Eckstein and Luis Gonzalez fall on a spike simulatneously, I wouldn’t not smile.

  4. GC says:

    I thought about that Sean. Granted, he was money at Busch II, but how did he fare on 3 days’ rest?

    amazing to think that Games 6 and 7 of the NLCS might be started by some assorment of Maine/Perez/Oliver vs. Suppan/Reyes/Wevie Stonder (if Carpenter did indeed get the odd for a rescheduled Game 5 on Tuesday).

  5. MGS says:

    I can see how a couple of Willie’s moves (or non-moves) can be curious. Valid point. Leaving Mota in for two inninngs against the Dodgers, and against lefties in LCS Game 2 both burned him, but have there been other controversial moves that have cost them a game? And even if he brings in Oliver to face Edmonds and Spezio (in game 2), who goes long in Game 3?

    Considering the shaky starting pitching he has to manage against a Cardinal line-up that has certainly come to play, I think he’s trying to manage the Series (not just the game), and in that respect its working. So far…

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