Not-Jewish 3B DFA’ed by Houston

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(Morgan explains to a young fan the importance of being circumcised as soon as possible why wearing a Nike baseball glove is tantamount to using a Rawlings I.U.D.)

In the wake of yesterday’s Ty Wigginton acquisition, the Astros will part ways with Morgan Ensberg.

“I understand this is just how the game goes,” Ensberg said. “We sign up for it. And I was expecting something to happen, although I didn’t know for sure what.

“The toughest part for me is that I met some just great guys here in Houston. Adam Everett is one of my best friends and will be for life. And I got to play with a Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio.”

Everett was just as moved as he gave Ensberg a hug while they talked about the sudden news.

It’s not only sad for him, but lousy business for the ‘Stros, who now lose Ensberg for nothing or next to it when they could have raked some value for him last year (hindsight and a grain of salt I know, but he was rumored to be part of a package for Miguel Tejada, and the Padres and the Phillies eyed him too).

In addition to his contributions at the major league level (including 36 home runs in 2005) Ensberg will always be remembered – by some of us, anyway – as one of the jewels of the inaugural (and title-winning) Round Rock Express club (along with the great Keith Ginter).

6 responses to “Not-Jewish 3B DFA’ed by Houston”

  1. Jack says:

    Check this out:

    Barry Bonds’ Homerun Race Puts Bush’s Steroids Record In The Spotlight


  2. King Coffey says:

    Yeah, but at least this way we won’t have to hear about what Christian Rock acts are on his iPod or see any more features on him on the 700 Club:


    Hail Satan!

  3. Jason Cohen says:

    I hear that. Of course as you well know, most of your Astros dollars go to the Baptist Church and the Republican Party with or without Ensberg.

  4. GC says:

    I believe King’s a Rangers fan.

    Y’know, if i snuck into Faith Night at the Dell Diamond, I’m not really giving money to the Republican Party, either.

  5. Jason Cohen says:

    We’re all missing Chad Curtis.

    And yeah, I gave Tom Hicks quite bit of dough myself from 1998 to 2001.

  6. Greg Rajan says:

    How about the delicious irony of Ensberg being DFA’d on Astros Family Day?

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