Not Quite As Sharp As Lou Reed In “One Trick Pony”….

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…but slightly smoother than Dice Clay in “Hitz”.

Coming to CBS tomorrow night, the premiere of “Love Monkey”. Because a) the public can’t get enough of male protagonists “who can’t seem to commit” and b) enough time has elapsed for a loose, less idiosyncratic version of “High Fidelity” to be foisted upon those who haven’t seen the movie (which, Drag City music supe supremacy aside, wasn’t very good).

All of that said, sidekick status for Jason Priestly will no doubt result in a passing mention from Bill Simmons. With any luck, I have now saved you the trouble of watching the program and provided some background for one of Bill’s more cryptic cultural references.

Don’t thank me now. Thank me when the show is recast with Joe Gaer in the title role and mayoral candidate Christopher X. Brodeur as his stalker.

3 responses to “Not Quite As Sharp As Lou Reed In “One Trick Pony”….”

  1. Kris Gillespie says:

    Oof, I saw the pilot and it’s every bit as bad as a combination of High Fidelity and Jerry Maguire, except replace Cuba Gooding Jr. with John Mayer.

  2. Timothy Cook says:

    Thanks for the public comment on this, CSTB. After seeing the expanded promotional spot for this 6,000 times during this weekend’s “NFL on CBS,” I was beginning to feel hypnotized, under the complete control of the actor formerly known as _Ed_.

  3. CSTB says:

    KG, the website for truevinylrecords (which in all honestly, seems like a better record label than TVT) suggests that Cuba Gooding Jr. has been replaced with Conor Oberst.

    Maybe they should’ve aimed for a ripoff / hybrd of “Brown Sugar” and Wordsound’s “Crooked” instead? There’s something vaguely rockist about all this looking for the next big thing at Arlene’s Grocery nonsense, lemme tell you.

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