Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Pac-Man Jones

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Sincere congratulations to Abner Ashman (above) on his record-setting Ms. Pac-Man achievements, as chronicled by Twin Galaxies.com in what Sam Frank calls “honestly, the most thorough sports writing I’ve ever read”.

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  1. Timothy Cook says:

    I agree with Sam Frank that even the SABR people, and all their affiliated webpages combined, got nothin’ on twingalxies.com. I would like to see scrolling ASCII-delimited text reports of MSPM VORP like in baseball (ala http://baseballprospectus.com/statistics/vorp_player_by_pos2005.php), but I confess records for champion Ms. Pac Man are probably scarcer than those for the mainline Chinese baseball leagues, and their metrics even more arcane.


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